Providence Manor resident’s conflicting COVID-19 test results being investigated

A resident of Providence Manor who previously tested positive for COVID-19 has subsequently tested negative. Nevertheless, Providence Care administration says it isn’t taking any chances and that all enhanced precautionary measures are still being taken.

Providence Care initially received notification that a resident on Sydenham 4 at Providence Manor tested positive for COVID-19 on Apr. 20, 2020. As a result of that test, an outbreak was declared on the Sydenham 4 unit.

According to KFL&A Public Health, the results of the original COVID-19 test were a weak positive. The Providence Manor resident was transferred to hospital and tested twice more for COVID-19. Both times, says Providence Care, the results came back negative. KFL&A Public Health is investigating the conflicting results further.

“The investigation is ongoing,” says Dr. Kieran Moore, Medical Officer of Health at KFL&A Public Health. “Screening tests for any disease are designed to have a low threshold for a positive result so that all cases of the disease are detected and no cases are missed. The final diagnosis of a disease is a clinical diagnosis that incorporates test results and clinical signs and symptoms. A weak positive result on a screening test requires clinical correlation to make a final diagnosis for any disease.”

“Even with the new test results, our teams aren’t letting up,” adds Cathy Szabo, Providence Care President & CEO. “Outbreak measures are still in place at Providence Manor and we will continue to work with KFL&A Public Health to implement every safety precaution there is to protect our residents and staff.” 

All residents on Sydenham 4 have been tested for COVID-19, as well as staff members identified as being in close contact with the resident.

KFL&A Public Health must report any COVID-19 positive cases to Providence Care. According to Providence Care, to date the facility has not been notified of any additional staff or resident testing positive for the virus.

In the meantime, says Providence Care, all of the outbreak measures at the long-term care home will remain in place until all investigations are complete.

“We aren’t taking any chances. Our teams across the organization are working non-stop to ensure all Providence Care sites are safe places to receive care and work. The safety of our residents and staff continues to be our number one priority,” says Szabo.

To help limit the spread of infection, Providence Manor says enhanced housekeeping measures, including extra cleaning of all high touch surfaces and common areas on Sydenham 4, are in place. In addition, all Providence Manor staff must wear a mask for the duration of their shifts, and all staff on Sydenham 4 must wear eye protection in addition to a mask at all times while on the resident home area. For areas with contact/droplet precautions in place, staff must don appropriate personal protective equipment (e.g. gown, gloves, procedure mask with visor).

All Providence Manor staff is screened twice a day, at the beginning and end of shifts, as well as all reentries. Screening includes taking temperatures twice a day.

Providence Manor remains closed to admissions, with only essential visitors (those with a loved one who is end-of-life) being permitted to enter Providence Manor. Essential visitors are also actively screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, are given masks to wear and are only permitted to visit their loved one’s room.

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  • great you are letting family in to see their loved ones no reason why anyone should be prevented to spend time with family before they pass thank you

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