Eight positive COVID-19 cases confirmed from nail salon outbreak

Photo by Lucas Mulder.

KFL&A Public Health’s Dr Kieran Moore has confirmed that, to date, eight Kingston residents have been identified as positive for COVID-19 as a result of a nail salon outbreak.

A restaurant worker and their partner, a healthcare worker, and a parent and child are all suspected to have acquired COVID-19 as a result of the outbreak at Binh’s Nail and Spa Salon.

KFL&A Public Health’s investigation began when they were notified of a positive case of COVID-19 in a healthcare worker in the Davies 5 wing of Kingston General Hospital. All patients and co-workers in that unit were subsequently tested and confirmed negative for COVID-19.

KFL&A Public Health were then notified of two additional cases involving a parent and child.

Shortly thereafter, KFL&A Public Health were advised of a positive COVID-19 case involving a restaurant worker at a downtown establishment, the Rustic Spud. 

During contact tracing, KFL&A Public determined that the cases all had an instance of recently attending Binh’s Nail and Spa Salon. 
KFL&A Public Health conducted an inspection of the nail salon, and testing of all the workers at Binh’s Nail and Spa Salon revealed that three of the workers at that establishment were positive for COVID-19.

The inspection also revealed several health and safety deficiencies, according to Dr. Moore, though he did not immediately expand on what those deficiencies were. 

“This is a reminder that this virus can enter community very rapidly, it wants to spread rapidly, but we all have a role to play.”

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