Health care worker at Kingston Health Sciences Centre tests positive for COVID-19

Kingston Health Sciences Centre (KHSC) has confirmed that one of the 17 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Kingston area is a health-care worker at its Kingston General Hospital site.

KHSC says in a press release that all infection prevention and control precautions were followed and that, at this point in time, KHSC’s investigation suggests this was not a work-related infection. The staff member is at home recovering in self-isolation.

“Keeping our staff and patients safe is our top priority,” says Dr. David Pichora, KHSC’s president and CEO. “We are working with our colleagues at KFL&A Public Health to determine where and when the staff person may have gotten the infection and help identify the person’s close contacts. Through contact tracing, anyone who may be at risk of contracting the virus through this case will be notified by KFL&A Public Health.”

Since March 16, KHSC has required all staff to use dedicated entrances to its sites, where they must pass screening in order to enter. As per updated recommendations made by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health on March 19, health-care workers have been advised to self-isolate for 14 days following international travel.

Also on March 16, through its onsite lab, KHSC started testing health-care workers who meet testing criteria. Results are provided within 24 hours maximum.

Even though personal protective equipment (PPE) is in short supply across the province and the country, Dr. Pichora says KHSC has “been careful in its use of PPE and has ensured staff members have what they need, when they need it.” This means changing standards as the local situation changes and following any new provincial guidelines.

“As this pandemic continues to evolve everyone needs to be extra cautious and follow Public Health’s orders,” says Dr. Pichora. “We are very thankful to our staff and members of our communities for doing all they can to prevent the spread of the virus, including being cooperative with our screening process and visitor restrictions. If there are more ways we can further protect our staff and patients, we will be quick to do whatever is possible.”

8 thoughts on “Health care worker at Kingston Health Sciences Centre tests positive for COVID-19

  • There you go. No health worker should be in patient care without testing. This government has it all ass backwards. What is going to happen when our health care worker fall one by one?? The suits didn’t think of that did they. Mismanaged by Public Health and the “Top” Doctor from the get-go. Sad.

    • I wrote to Mark Gerretsen over 3 weeks ago and was told they would get my “concerns” to him. I told them it didn’t do any good to lock down a facility and that they were leaving the sick, and elderly exposed to harm by not regularly (every 5 days at least) the health care works and EMT’s. So what do they do continue on testing, ” KHSC started testing health-care workers who meet testing criteria, I worked in that hospital for 22 years. It was worded very carefully. The criteria is the same as before if you show symptoms. I did find our because Toronto’s Stonybrook slipped up and came out and admitted test kits are in short supply. So, workers, patients and residents are at risk because again we are not prepared.

  • Your diligence and work ethics give us in the general population reason to remain calm in the confidence that you will be there to help those of us who may need you during these scary times. With my profound admiration and gratitude.

  • Informative and transparent. Thank you for your service, respect and professionalism. My thoughts are with your team.

  • why buses when Kingston is under emergency measures are you crazy

  • Why not use the hospital it Kingston Penitentiary for treating covid 19 cases .

    I cant think of a better location.

    Bring he troops in at set it up

  • Great job KGH in keeping all of us informed. Its good to know that you are taking extremely important measures to keep your staff safe. My thoughts are with the staff member who tested positive and all the staff that goes to work each day.

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