Greater Napanee to release KPMG report to the public ‘soon’

Report discussed by Greater Napanee Council at a closed session meeting on Monday, Jul. 26, 2021

The much anticipated and thoroughly debated KPMG report will be released by Greater Napanee staff and uploaded to the website as early as today, according to the Town of Greater Napanee Council.

Greater Napanee Council returned to a public meeting after an in-camera session to announce that the KPMG report would be released to the public.

During a special meeting of Greater Napanee Council on Monday, Jul. 26, 2021, the KPMG report was discussed during the in-camera session. Well into the evening, after 10 p.m., council came out of closed session to announce that the report will be released to the public.

“(Council) received the KPMG report and directed and gave advice to staff to release it. It will be on our website and available in a printed form on request,” Mayor Marg Isbester stated during the public meeting following the in-camera session.

This morning, Isbester took to social media to add that the report will be uploaded “as soon as KPMG sends staff the report… hopefully early morning.”

The KPMG report has been referred to as the “deep dive” report on the sale of 32 Oke Road, Heritage Park, and 313 Belleville Road.

At the beginning of the public special Council meeting, before approving the agenda, Mayor Isbester added a couple of other items to the in-camera session.

“For the closed session agenda please add 4.1 — a second personal matter of an identifiable individual; 4.2-a — to receive information and involving a litigation or protect potential litigation; 4.2-b — to receive information on another matter regarding litigation or potential litigation,” Isbester declared.

At the second part of the public meeting, following in-camera, Isbester asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the June 8 and June 22 closed session meeting; receive for information personnel matters and give direction to staff; and to receive and give direction on “potential litigation matter,” as well as another “ongoing litigation,” which was moved and carried unanimously by council.

The second portion of the Greater Napanee council meeting, following closed session, can be watched on the Town’s YouTube channel, here:

Video of the Greater Napanee special Council meeting held Monday, Jul. 26, 2021.

The first portion of the public council meeting can also be watched on the Town’s YouTube channel under another link, located here:

The KPMG report has not yet been uploaded to the Town of Greater Napanee website, located here: Once it is released, The Kingstonist will provide that report here.

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