Frosh Week Folly

Queen's University Frosh Week, students return, Kingston, OntarioIt’s hard to believe, but it’s been a decade since my dad and I loaded up the family minivan and drove down the highway for move-in day at Queen’s University. During that memorable journey, we passed signs hung on the overpasses that warned fathers to say farewell to their virgin daughters. We came across purple people slamming jackets in the middle of the road, random, infectious cheering, and a city full of possibilities. During the days that followed, frosh week ended up being legendary, however with each passing year the spectacle loses some of it’s luster. Nowadays it’s more of a seasonal annoyance than a nostalgic treat. Accordingly, this week’s poll asks:
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Don’t get the wrong impression, I love the fact that Queen’s, RMC and St. Lawrence students are back in town. The annual influx of students helps keeps this city alive, overstocked with sushi restaurants and busting with new burger joints. As much as I loathe young people pillaging my grocery store, and creating extra long lineups at the Beer Store, I was once a part of that crowd.  Ultimately, so long as the “kids” stay off of my lawn and don’t keep us up all hours of the night, I have little to complain about.  If I failed to list your least favourite aspect of orientation week, please drop a few comments off below.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t officially welcome (back) all of the first and upper year students to the Limestone City.  Last but not least, a special thanks to Queen’s Alumni for today’s photo of Frosh sizzling like strips of bacon.  It’s good clean fun unless you are a vegetarian, in which case you could pretend that you’re a piece of soy-based facon.

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5 thoughts on “Frosh Week Folly

    • No you're right, it's been a few years since Queen's has had to deal with the highway signs welcoming virgins. However, if you transit through the ghetto, you'll find just as many signs and curbside partying. Case in point, last year there was a sign that said "daughter inspection station", while the gentlemen sitting out on that lawn looked severely unqualified to be employed in that capacity. Other "honk if you like…" signs. You get the idea.

    • Of course, but they don't ask to see your student card if you're taking advantage of the back to school specials at the grocery card. We stocked up on 99 cent soup, and tons of other great finds. But as you pointed out, the stock doesn't last on the shelves for that long.

  • At least the downtown Metro won't have expired items on the shelves, things keep moving there.

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