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Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, Kingston, OntarioLast week, a Facebook comment on Vision for Kingston accused me of being flip about a cartoon I drew to do with the proposed 20-storey building on the old Marine Museum site.

I readily confess to a keen sense of humour and I enjoy the ridiculous. And cartooning. As I see it, the cartoonist should aim to illustrate a situation, simplify it where possible, aim to amuse and – most important of all – make people THINK. Just occasionally, the “amuse” should be omitted. But only in extreme circumstances, like a war.

So, am I flip? Maybe – but my recent aim has been a lighter point of view on the conflicting Kingston opinions over high-rise development downtown. So:

If I amuse you, great!
If I simplify something, good!
If I upset you, no harm intended….but I got your attention.
If I make you THINK, then I succeeded.

If I have upset you, I offer my sincere apologies. Upsetting people is NEVER my intention.

Mike Cole-Hamilton

Mike and Jane Cole-Hamilton came to Canada in 1975, the best move they ever made. They were drawn to Kingston by camping holidays at Landon Bay, family picnics at Jones Falls and two children at Queen’s. From 1998 until recently, they lived in the house they designed and built near Whitefish Lake, they are now in downtown Kingston. Learn more about Mike...

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