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Murney Tower, Kingston, Ontario
Brrr! So there’s that winter we’ve been waiting for! Every November or so I deny the fact that winter is coming and it usually ends badly with me just being miserable all winter long. So this year I decided not to fight it. It helps that Harvey is an amazing man who is always willing to do the shoveling, but another thing that’s kept my spirits high is not only accepting winter, but grabbing the bull by the horns by getting out there an doing what Canadians do best- winter sports.

So far, I’ve made it to Market Square for a skate and I’ve had a few chilly but heart-pumping walks through the snow. I recently decided that I would like to try snowshoeing and, as if she read my mind, my good friend and fellow Kingstonist writer Caitlin, wrote me the very next day suggesting a snowshoe adventure this weekend. Neither of us have tried it before so I did a Google search and low and behold, you can rent snow shoes at Little Cat for just under $8. I’d say this endeavor is meant to be! The plan is to hit the trail on Sunday afternoon and we’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures of us falling down (do you fall down when you snowshoe? I’m sure I’ll find a way.)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And tell me, what’s your favourite outdoor activity during the winter months? Are there any Kingston specific activities you like to do when there’s snow on the ground? Or maybe you’re more like me and would really rather be inside by the fire. Fill me in because if I’m going to keep this up, I’m going to need ideas of other things to try.

Happy Friday everyone! Stay warm and let’s hope tomorrow’s impending storm either never comes or lasts long enough for a snow day on Monday!

Special thanks to Tom Rutledge for today’s gorgeous winter photo.

Danielle Lennon

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