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LeMoine Point, Spiderweb, end of summer, Kingston, Ontario
Yum!  This week was delicious, wasn’t it?  Our unintentional focus on food has given us some ideas for possible future theme weeks…stay posted.

So, we all survived the first week back and it looks like we’re going to be rewarded for our hard work with some gorgeous weather.  Hopefully this won’t result in too much public partying by the students like last Saturday’s take over of Aberdeen.  Over 1000 students flooded the street leading the police to make two arrests and lay 60 alcohol related charges.  And classes haven’t even started yet…

In happier news (to most anyway) the plan to build “affordable housing” in Barriefield has officially been taken off the table.  Don’t get me wrong, we absolutely need more affordable housing in Kingston but not in Barriefield and certainly not at the prices they were suggesting.  I don’t know very many people who consider $250,000 affordable.  So, back to drawing board.  Where would you build?

Moving away from the politics of the week, I’m super pumped to get out to see Back to Cruel tonight at the Memorial Centre.  How cool is it that Kingston has a Derby Girls team?!  And I’m finally going to see PELT.  Are you heading out to catch the bout?  If not, what are you up to this weekend?  Make it a good one!  TGIF!

Thanks to Michel (Mike) Soucy for today’s gorgeous end of summer shot from LeMoine Point.

Danielle Lennon

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7 thoughts on “Friday Foto

  • We're pumped that you're coming to see us! We're expecting a HUGE turnout – get ready for a great show!!!

  • The bout ruled. Pelt rocked. The crowd was terrific. The beer line was too long.

  • “In happier news (to most anyway)…” – prove that most people feel that way; otherwise correct your statement.

    • I'm assuming that you're a supporter of the Barriefield affordable housing plan? We could always run a poll on this issue to demonstrate the lack of support. Would that be an acceptable measure? If you feel strongly enough about this project, perhaps you should offer up your position and contribute a bit more to the discussion. I for one don't think that anything needs to be amended in the post. City Council shot down the affordable housing proposal, which is mildly indicative of the level of support throughout the city. For me, the biggest deterrent was cost, as D pointed out the plan was anything but affordable. I doubt "most" first time home buyers could even afford these units, especially now that HST is added into the mix. Not entirely sure if their figure included HST, but if you add 13% to $250K you get $282,500, which is way beyond affordable.

    • When even many hard core affordable housing advocates(including the city committee) were against the project just on the basis it wasn't the type of housing that is needed, before even considering the poor economics of it, its pretty obvious a large majority are happy common sense prevailed. Not sure if we should be happy with Macleod-Kane for being the only one to change her vote and kill the project, or angry at her for not seeing the obvious before $250K was wasted on the unneeded study

  • We took turns waiting in the beer line. It was long, but it was worth it. Pelt was amazing. I can't believe I've gone this long without hearing them. I will have to check them out again soon. As for the bout, it was awesome. I honestly didn't realize the teams would be that large, nor did I foresee how fast points are earned. The organizers should be extremely proud of the results of the first outing. Can't wait to see how they build on the success.

    • I couldn't agree more. We eventually smartened up and took turns in the line…then finally just bought sixteen beers, but alas our kind hearts gave away so many of that sixteen…so back to the line again. Who knew about the point system, at least it was close. The second half was really were it was at though…it was nice to see the 'lookie loos' get weeded out, leaving only the hardcore derby fans. Shock of the night, well that had to be copious amounts of gunfire…who knew?

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