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Confederation Basin, view from the water, waterfront Kingston, OntarioCall it wishful thinking, but I think that scenes such as the one captured via today’s Friday Foto will soon be upon us.  In comparison to present conditions along Kingston’s waterfront, the only thing that’s really missing from this photo are the thick clouds of those small black flies.  What are these pesky bugs anyway?  It seems as though everyone I ask has a different name for them, and low and behold, this is one mystery the almighty Google hasn’t been able to solve.  Swallowing these pests is one thing, but getting them lodged in your eye, or stuck in your hair and clothing is both gross and uncomfortable.  I suppose it could be worse, they could be mosquitoes, black flies or pterodactyls.

As mentioned earlier on in the week, this is moving weekend for students, which means that you can expect large crowds of parents and their young frequenting restaurants throughout the city.  And of course, moving vehicles and trailers will be loading, unloading and causing traffic delays all weekend long.  Thankfully the weather looks like it’s going to cooperate, but that might just result in more couches being left to die on the side of the road.

Otherwise, I’m really looking forward to finally getting a chance to see Dan Mangan tonight at the Grad Club.  Other events of note include Ianspotting tonight at the Toucan, while you can find trouble on Saturday night at the always popular Soul Shakedown at Time to Laugh, or via Nich Worby’s return to the Grad Club.

Special thanks to deanspic for today’s summery shot somewhere along Confederation Basin.



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