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Fall, Kingston, OntarioOctober has officially arrived, and in light of the low temperatures, it’s taking an extreme amount of will power not to turn on the furnace, nor the gas fire place.  Last night, I spent a long time in Rona, and I ended up purchasing a ton of stuff for some upcoming household projects to protect against drafty doors and windows.  Until the work is complete, we’ll be relying on sweaters and extra duvets to keep warm.  Stay tuned to find out how long we can go without turning on the heat.

As soon as the cool air rolls in and the leaves begin to fall, I begin to plan for Halloween festivities.  I have no rapscallions to go trick or treating with, and to be honest, the turnout in our neighbourhood left us with way too much candy last year.  What I love about Halloween is the opportunity to dress in a ridiculous costume, party with friends, and feel like a older kid again.  I’m all about group costumes, as we’ve had lot of success and laughs with our past efforts portraying characters from shows such as Lost, and Futurama.  Some of my better ideas for this year’s uniform include Tetris pieces, and character from Mad Men.

You’ll be happy to note that Kingstonist’s calendar has been freshly updated with 12 new events.  Some highlights, and long overdue listings include The Trews’ acoustic concert, So You Think You Can Dance, a performance by LMFAO, and a Thanksgiving-weekend concert at The Mansion featuring both Ianspotting and Slaves of Spanky.  If you want to get your event listed, or simply pass on a hot tip, please give us a shout.  Otherwise, since we can’t be everywhere all the time, we’re always open to sharing your concert, gallery, and event related photos and videos.

Happy trails and a special thanks to Oceanaria for her gorgeous photo of Fall, in all it’s glory.

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  • We froze through Wed and Thurs night with no furnace. Now i’m sick…related, who knows, but the furnace is on now.

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