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rain, downpour, Nicolas BettenburgJust as I was figuring out how best to start today’s post, a man without any footwear walked by my office window. He didn’t resemble a downtrodden chap who couldn’t afford shoes, nor did he come across as the type who had his loafers stolen by local delinquents. In fact, if I had to put money on it, I would wager that this guy actually chose to venture outside without shoes, sandals, socks or some other form of protective foot covering. Am I the only person who finds that a bit odd?

Onto another bit of strange news.  This week, a local radio station personality advocated for Kingstonians to adopt Lenore Skenazy’s (author of Free Range Kids) proposed Take Our Children to the Park….And Leave Them There Day.  Far be it for child-less me to tell people how to raise their young, but is this what it’s come to?  When I was a kid, all I did was run around outside with my friends.  From sun up until well after the street lights came on, there was plenty of trouble to be had, and many exclamations of boys will be boys.  And that was back in the days of MTV, Nintendo, VHS, table hockey and Crystal Pepsi.  Is today’s generation honestly that addicted to their iPods, Wii’s and Ritalin, or should parents be making more of an effort to encourage kids to unplug a few nights a week?  I’d love some insight here from our parental readers.  Will you be participating in Take Our Children to the Park….And Leave Them There Day on May 22nd?

Today’s fantastic photo by Nicolas Bettenburg captures a recent downpour in the Limestone City. Any idea where this is? Don’t forget to hug your mom this weekend.

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  • Looks like it's from that tall residence on Queens West Campus, by Richardson. Looking out towards Queen Mary Road.

  • I love the idea of kids unplugging and getting outside – but the idea of leaving them alone in the park all day and announcing it to the world is worrisome. I ran free as a kid too but I have a hard time imagining myself saying goodbye to my kids in the morning knowing that I wouldn't see them again 'til dinner time. But I am also childless so maybe I'm more paranoid than I should be. There were bad guys and boogie men when I was a kid too I suppose. I just hope the parents who choose to test this out have a good, long talk with the kids about sticking together and not talking to strangers etc. I know it seems so basic but sometimes I wonder about some of the parenting skills I see….

  • 25 or or years ago the city staffed most of the parks in the morning all summer with student employees to run activities, sports, games, crafts for whatever kids showed up. No cost , no signing up for anything. Times have sure changed.

  • Looks like it's from that tall residence on Queens West Campus, by Richardson. Looking out towards Queen Mary Road.

  • In this day and age it is hard for some parents to let go of their kids, even for a afternoon. The news is full of stories of kids going missing or other such horrible events that we start to believe it is saver to stay inside where its safe. Never realizing of course that we are doing them a disservice by not getting them out into the world to run and play like we did. Even I am guilty of this disservice. My only excuse is that by the end of the work week I don't seem to have the energy to get out there with them. After sharing your article with some other parent friends they say the same thing. In order for our children to make the most of the outdoors we ourselves have to make the most of it. Something we can't always do. Though after reading this piece and doing a little thinking of my own I guess I should be making more of a effort. After all I want my children to grow up with as many, if not more, happy, tree climbing, memories as i did.

  • Yes that picture was taken from John Orr tower, 10th floor.

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