Four break-ins over one week at west-end commercial property

Submitted photo.

A local business is asking for the public’s help in identifying the vehicle caught on surveillance video after their warehouse was broken into and items were stolen.

On Thursday, Jan. 31 at approximately 4:45 a.m. at least two individuals in what appears to be a charcoal or similar color Chevrolet Avalanche entered the parking lot of a business at 685 Gardiners Road, Autos and RVs Unlimited. The truck proceeded to drive to the rear of the warehouse located at the back of the property.

According to one of the owners of the property, the individuals broke a padlock on one of the rear doors and entered the building, which which is currently under construction. There, they proceeded to steal a construction-style floodlight worth at least $800, which was property of LaFramboise Construction.

“We have had three other break-ins at Speedy Muffler, who is one of our tenants,” said Candice Laframboise, one of the owners of the property, noting that in each of those break-ins, a catalytic converter was stolen. Laframboise said they’ve had all four break-ins over the course of one week, and that Habitat for Humanity is broken into on a near nightly basis.

The suspects spent almost 10 minutes at the location before the individual driving the truck drove around to the front, where the second individual placed the stolen items in the vehicle. They then left the scene of the break-in and drove northbound on Gardiners Road.

The front door of the building was left open and unlocked after the two individuals left with their newly acquired merchandise. The building is equipped with security features to deter theft during hours of non-operations.

“The one person must have walked to the front of the building and went out the front door to meet the other individual, that’s the only thing that explains why the door was open and unlocked,” Laframboise said, explaining what she believes happened during the break-in.

Kingston Police were contacted and asked to attend the business. No information has been released by police pertaining to this incident at this time.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this article stated that it was Dacon Corporation Ltd. that was broke into. Dacon is the former tenant of this property. We apologize for any confusion.

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