Food truck travels: Poutine Feast 2019

What is it: An assortment of food trucks from near and far have come back for a four-day event offering the best they have in poutine! Fans of poutine will love the multiple varieties that the different food trucks offer.

Where is it: Poutine Feast can be found at the Kingston Memorial Centre on the track. Ample parking is available for free.

My experience: My son James and I discovered Poutine Feast last year when it was held in City Park, and since that day, my son has asked at least once a month when Poutine Feast was going to happen. Finally, the day came and he I visited Poutine Feast on Saturday, the third day of the four day eat-a-thon.

As we walked onto the field with the rain slightly falling, I tried to explain to James that we should walk around to the different food trucks and see what was being offered before we made our decision. I was thinking we might find a truck that would offer three samples of various poutines for a fixed price. James had other ideas.

Once we stopped at Fat Les’s Chip Stand, James had made up his mind. He remembered how much he liked the deep-fried pickle poutine from last year and really wanted to get it again. I was hoping to try something new, but James is very convincing, and together we got a deep-fried pickle poutine to share. With a root beer to help wash down the meal, we set off to dive into our lunch.

I had hoped to try something new, but I am glad James won out in the argument. The pickles were perfectly fried, and the poutine was delicious. Ample amounts of gravy dumped on top of St. Albert curds with perfectly cooked fries. James and I were contented with our meal, but we left room for dessert.

While James dug into a mountain of a caramel sundae, I enjoyed a fresh cooked homemade ice cream sandwich from Mr. Swirl. By the time James and I made it home, we were full and ready for a nap. Thankfully Poutine Feast is only once a year.

On the menu: There are half a dozen food trucks with lengthy menus and three dessert trucks with every kind of ice cream available. With many vegan and gluten free options, whatever your taste or preference is, Poutine Feast will likely meet your needs.

Before you go: Most of the food trucks will take debit, credit, or cash. There is an ATM at the entrance to the field, should you need cash. The event is free and runs until Sunday September 29, from 11:00-7:00 pm. If you like poutine, this is a must.

Bill Gowsell

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