Food Truck Travels: Fries a la cart – Eh!

Jeff Roberts and Julia Jones own and operate Fries a la cart – Eh! in Gananoque, which is open seven days a week during the food truck season. Photo by Bill Gowsell.

Who are they

Owned and operated by Jeff Roberts and Julia Jones. Their combined experience in the food service industry spans decades. Roberts worked at the Walt Disney Company and Jones served as the Food and Beverage Manager at the Shorelines Casino in Gananoque when it opened. Their commitment to quality food and customer service ensures every meal is delicious.

Where are they

705 King Street East, Gananoque, Ontario, in the Canadian Tire parking lot. They are open seven days a week from 10:30 a.m. till 4:30 pm.

My experience

Gananoque is the perfect location for day trips in the summer, and at Fries a la cart – Eh! hungry customers will find a variety of meals to satiate their taste buds. Poutine lovers will not be disappointed with the ample number of fries served with the steaming hot gravy and cheese curds that are placed upon the mountain of fresh cut potatoes. Having tasted multiple poutine samplings here, the consistency and quality never fails.

The poutine from Fries a la cart – Eh! Photo by Bill Gowsell.

A hamburger and fries have filled my empty stomach on many visits. This meal is so filling that not only is my lunch taken care of, but I often find I am not hungry for dinner that night. The meat is well cooked, and the standard hamburger toppings, as well as hot peppers, are available.

The hamburger and fries combo from Fries a la cart – Eh! Photo by Bill Gowsell.

The chicken fingers are cooked leaving a crispy texture as you bite in to find the soft delectable meat on the inside. Laying them down on a bed of fresh cut fries adds to the wonder of the chicken fingers and creates the perfect compliment. If you do order the chicken fingers meal, don’t forget to get ketchup for your fries and maybe ask for another container of dipping sauce.

On the menu

French fries, Poutine, Onion Rings, Jumbo Hot Dog, Pogo, Sausage on a Bun, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Chicken Fingers & French fries, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, Chicken Wrap, and Deep-Fried Pickles.

Individual options can be purchased or made into a combo with water or a canned pop as your choice for a beverage.  

Final Thoughts

You will not walk away from Fries a la cart – Eh! with an empty stomach. The food is prepared within minutes of your order, and the portions are more than enough to fill your stomach. Gananoque is home to the Shorelines Casino and numerous St. Lawrence River boat tours. Plenty of Kingston residents will make a trip to Gananoque this summer, and if you are there during the day, make a stop at the Canadian Tire on King Street and order lunch at Fries a la cart – Eh! You will not be disappointed, and you will most likely see Julia or Jeff preparing your meal, greeting you with a smile, and a warm wish for a good day.

Before You Visit

It’s a cash only business so bring it. If you show up without cash, don’t worry. The Canadian Tire gas bar near by will give cash back with a minimal purchase. It’s less than a minute walk, and serves as the perfect time to get a desert for your lunch.

Also, there is plenty of parking and picnic tables to dine on the spot. Try the deep-fried pickles – you won’t regret it.

Photo by Bill Gowsell.

Bill Gowsell was born and raised in Kingston. With an interest in history, food, wine, and all things Disney, Bill has been writing for the last eight years on a variety of topics. During the summers he can be found at the family cottage north of Kingston, or at the bottom of Lake Ontario… scuba diving.

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