Fire department reports no injuries after encampment fire involving 100-pound propane tank

Firefighters with Kingston Fire & Rescue work to battle a blaze after a fire broke out at a tent within the encampment at Belle Park on the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023. Submitted photo.

A substantial fire at the encampment situated in Belle Park posed a frightening situation, as flames grew around a veritable bomb in the form of a 100-pound propane tank.

Kingston Fire & Rescue were dispatched to the encampment area, which is located behind the Integrated Care Hub (ICH) in Belle Park, alongside part of the K&P Trail, at approximately 5:35 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2023, after a tent fire at the encampment was reported. According to the local fire department, upon arrival, “fire crews observed a tent on fire and a 100 lb propane cylinder venting.” A typical 100-pound propane tank stands approximately four feet (125 cm) tall.

Witnesses to the fire reported that there were also several smaller propane tanks in the immediate area. As a result, firefighters evacuated the area, Kingston Fire & Rescue said in response to inquiries from Kingstonist.

Despite that, the fire was knocked down relatively quickly. Kingston Fire & Rescue extinguished the blaze, and all fire department personnel and vehicles had cleared the scene in under an hour. The fire department reported that there were no injuries as a result of the fire, and that the cause of the fire remains undetermined.

According to Kingston Fire & Rescue (KFR), it appears only one tent was damaged due to the incident.

“The fire was contained to the tent and the surrounding area, approximately 30’x30’. No one was present and there were no evacuations or displacements, other than the temporary evacuation that took place while KFR was fighting the fire,” the City of Kingston relayed on behalf of the fire department.

Inquiries to Kingstonist’s contacts at the ICH were not immediately responded to.

One thought on “Fire department reports no injuries after encampment fire involving 100-pound propane tank

  • What is the response to this and others like it, from those who want a ‘free-range’ Bell Park encampment? Untill the two other gov’ts agree to put up money for a more psible fix this will continue. Complain to the Province and the Feds. Our local gov’t doesn’t have the resourses necessary to fix or ameliorate this problem.

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