Fire department cautions of space heater safety after Battersea Road house fire

Crews with Kingston Fire & Rescue work to quickly fill portable water tanks to battle a house fire on Battersea Road. Photo by Kingstonist.

After residents in the area just north of Unity Road reported seeing flames coming from the top of a home on Battersea Road, a large contingent of firefighters attended the scene in an attempt to save as much of the structure as possible.

With none of the residents of the home present when the fire broke out, the primary concern of those with Kingston Fire & Rescue was to battle the fire quickly. According to the local fire department, their crews – including a dozen firetrucks and fire department vehicles – were dispatched to the scene in the 2200 block of Battersea Road (Highway 11) just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. Upon their arrival, firefighters could see smoke coming from the eves of the home and made their way inside.

Heavy smoke filled the residence as the crews worked quickly to locate the source. Firefighters found a small fire in one of the bedrooms, Kingston Fire & Rescue said in response to Kingstonist inquiries the following day.

Kingston Police attended the scene to control traffic in the area, as firefighters remained on scene, monitoring for hot spots to ensure the fire did not reignite. Frontenac Paramedic Services also attended the scene, but luckily their services were not needed.

“Fire crews found combustible items in close proximity to a space heater, which is the suspected cause of the fire,” a communications officer with Kingston Fire and Rescue said on Thursday, May 18, 2023.

“Kingston Fire & Rescue would like to remind residents to keep areas around heat sources free of papers and combustible materials. Store paints, solvents, and flammable liquids away from all heat and ignition sources.” According to the local fire department, the cost of damages to the home due to the fire is estimated at $50,000.

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