Improbable Escapes’ Ancient Egypt booth at Kingston Fall Fair-Oh, what fun!

When Kingston’s Improbable Escapes posted cryptically on Facebook “Come find us at the Kingston Fall Fair!” and the location of their booth had been unexpectedly changed from what the original schedule indicated, we wondered momentarily if locating their booth in the busy fairground was part of the planned challenge.

Improbable Escapes offers entertaining, challenging adventures to be solved, and as a destination for groups of people to test their wits and teamwork, they’ve been steadily growing in popularity. “I’d say that about half the people we’ve talked to here at the fair see our booth and say, ‘Oh wow, we love you guys,’ and the other half is like, ‘What the heck is going on here?’” laughed Drae, one of the booth’s hosts on Saturday.

She and her partner Megan gave us the rundown of their intriguing Ancient Egypt challenge, a set of puzzles to be solved to find a secret word. The puzzles can be done in any order, and each of them was meticulously designed and created by the team. “Everything is done by our team from start to finish; coming up with the ideas, designing and producing what we need, and then hosting guests as they solve it,” Drae said. “This game we have here is based off of another larger adventure that we’ve designed, but its components are unique to the Fair.”

Drae and Megan were proud that the game they’re hosting at the Fair is something that kids and adults can all access and enjoy. “And, our puzzle for the Fair is completely free! People love that they can come and participate in something interesting and fun here that doesn’t cost them anything,” said Megan.

Here’s your helpful hint from us – you can find Improbable Escapes and their Ancient Egypt adventure under a red-and-white striped tent in the south-east corner of the midway area at the Fall Fair. Or look for them year-round in their home base at the Lasalle Mews building, in Suite 16B. It’s up to you to figure out your next move.

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