‘Catch The Ace’ jackpot now over $2000

Kingston’s fourth “Catch The Ace” draw winner was chosen on Wednesday night at The Loyal Oarsman, and the winning ticket, number 99000418012, earned its owner $168 with a draw of the 9 of clubs in envelope number 43.

The ace remains up for grabs as the draw enters its fifth week, and the jackpot has now risen to $2046. The game is presented by Kingston Police and hosted weekly at The Loyal Oarsman with proceeds going to support Special Olympics Ontario‘s 2020 Special Olympics Ontario School Championships, coming June 2-4. Tickets for the draw can be purchased online here.

During the 2019/2020 academic year, over 7,000 high school athletes will compete across the province in an effort to qualify for the 2020 School Championships.

The winner of the weekly draw wins 20% of the pot for that week. If the number of the digital envelope they picked when they bought their ticket holds The Ace of Spades, they win an additional 30% for that week and for all draws that have not been won for that the current game. If they don’t pick the Ace of Spades, the 30% for that week will go into the Progressive Jackpot.

Individuals, groups or businesses are also encouraged to Draft an Athlete to ensure each participant is fully funded and enjoys their experience at the Championships. For more information on this, please go to https://give.specialolympicsontario.com/schoolchamps/ .

In addition, this is also a great opportunity for high-school students to obtain their required volunteer hours while assisting a wonderful organization and cause. To volunteer please go to http://schoolchamps.ca/volunteer/ .


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