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Green parking in Kingston
This week, I’ve been kicking around Victoria and Vancouver for a bit of work, and play. While I was wandering around Victoria last night, I noticed that they had many green parking areas in the downtown core. Now that’s not to say that they painted a parking space green, and few a through buzz words on a nearby sign, but rather these spots accept the smallest of automobiles. And thus, Victoria’s environmentally friendly parking spaces will only accommodate Mercedes-Benz’s SMART cars. I wonder who the local dealer knows on city council? Rest assured these spaces are only found on every other block, and are few and far between, but still, I think that it’s a great way to reward drivers who’re helping to reduce their emissions. I know that Kingston was toying with the idea of reducing rates for motorcycles, and they’ve added a few new spaces for compact cars, but has anyone on city council thought about reducing the rates for hybrids, and/or SMART cars? What if Kingston had a green parking scheme? Do we want our city to become a model for environmental policy and best practices?

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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2 thoughts on “What if Kingston…

  • Must be great to be Mercedes, maker of the Smart car.

    However, that space would not fit a Prius, or any other “green” car.

    Not right at all.

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