Turbines Galore

Wolfe Island wind farm
On a couple of occasions, I’ve written about Kingston’s new windy skyline in relation to the Wolfe Island wind farm . For months, I’ve wondered how the 86 wind turbines might appear from afar. Last week my questions were answered when I peered across the water, and counted at least 5 turbines – either complete or in some stage of construction. Although they’re a true testament to Kingston and Islands commitment to sustainable energy, these giants also stand for something a bit less savory. In that respect, the failure of elected officials to step in and ensure suitability has sullied the project for many Island, and some Kingston residents. What do you think? Is this progress, or reasonable grounds for a class action lawsuit? My first impression of the new view is positive.

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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6 thoughts on “Turbines Galore

  • This project is a classic example of a “done deal” before the so-called “public consultation” ever began.

    We can argue the project’s merits, but nobody can ever say that the public’s social and environmental concerns were, in any way, addressed.

  • ” the public’s social and environmental concerns” Saying that these were not addressed is typical shallow thinking that emanates from the wind farm’s opposers. That logic (or lack there of) implies that the social and environmental damages brought about by the wind farm (less than 60 decibels of sound and arguably an eyesore all though in this case especially beauty is in the eye of the beholder) are significant or more significant than if the wind turbine did not exist – and we are familiar I am sure with those possible consequences. (global warming, climate change etc.) The creation of this wind farm should be heralded for exactly what Rico J is claiming did not happen – addressing the concerns of the general public’s social and environmental concerns.

  • What baloney from Ian Pinchin. He apparently doesn’t know anything about how this project was conceived, escalated, and finally rammed-through in expanded form over original proposals.

    “Wind farm opposer”? Hardly.

    In Ontario, big business bulldozes its way through almost everything. But don’t take my word for it. Ask Waterkeeper.

    You can’t point to a single tower, or a single point, that was changed from original plans, other than the more than doubling the number of turbines AFTER permmissions were first granted.

    Apparently merely organizing open houses for show, “here’s what will happen” disguised as public consultation, is sufficient for the gullible likes of Ian Pinchin.

  • Progressive thinking towards alternative energy also means wind farms. Where I come from in New England, the so-called liberals (Ted Kennedy) love the concept of wind farms, until it sits in their backyard. THe folks in Marthas Vineyard aggressively opposed a wind farm….because it would alter their view of the Atlantic.

    As a true lib myself…there are many of us who are just hypocrites. Environmental concerns of a wind farm…puleeeze. Explain that one logically.

  • For those of you still unsettled by the sight of wind turbines: GET OVER IT!

    For how many years have the good people of our planet simply done what is convenient and expedient while fouling the perfect world we inherited. Without addressing the legion of principles on each side of aesthetics issue; I am inclined to say “GET OUT OF THE WAY FORWARD!”

    As a citizen I feel we need more understanding of our responsibility in this matter. What does it take to understand our role in this earthly stewardship when all around us there are signs that we have failed to respect the right to live in this paradise………

    Cheers to all that can see the way forward and to the rest please talk to your children.

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