The “S” Word

Snow in Kingston
In case you missed it, Kingston and many parts of Ontario were bombarded with the white stuff, snow that is. Just when we thought Old Man Winter might hold off for a few more weeks, and let the kiddies have a Halloween without snow pants, or the veterans a glove-less Remembrance Day, wet and unpleasant snow rained down on our fabulous Fall parade. It wasn’t even nice fluffy snow, which I could deal with, rather it was the type that soaked through 5 layers of gortex, and chilled the bone. Can you tell how much I like winter? Please share your thoughts on the prospect of more snow in the next few days, and enjoy our new snow-based Flickr set .

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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One thought on “The “S” Word

  • I heard a double s word on the radio this morning…snow squalls. I share your pain, but Gan got hit way harder than us!

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