Spring Ready to be Sprung?

I'm Melting
I think I speak for everyone when I say that I’m ready for warmer weather. It’s not as though we’ve had an uncharacteristically cold winter, but the mediocre snow removal on city sidewalks, and bottomless puddles of slush have whittled away my tolerance for the season. This past weekend old man winter tried his best to rain down more of the white stuff, but it stuck around for less than 24 hours. While next week’s forecast predicts immediate warmer weather, other “experts” are calling for a long and drawn-out return to higher temperatures. It’s not as though I have a thing against meteorologists, groundhogs, or Farmer’s Almanacs, but they are all wrong way too often. Since Wiarton Willie’s predicting an early spring this year, and the typical signs of a spring melt are all around us, I recommend getting one last skate in before it’s patio season. What do you think, is spring really on it’s way? What sort of weather are you predicting?

Harvey Kirkpatrick

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2 thoughts on “Spring Ready to be Sprung?

  • Spring better be on its way. Today was beautiful, I didn’t need a coat most of the day. Having said that, I wore one anyway, and was sweating in my three layers… oh well.

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