On Third Crossings and Other Mythical Beasts

Kingston third crossing

The other day I attended an information session regarding the environmental assessment associated with a proposed thoroughfare that will better connect the eastern and western realms of Kingston. Truth be told, I was expecting a formal presentation with a Q&A session, however such formalities are rather premature at this early stage in the game. Of course that seems to be the story of the oft sighted, but rarely captured, third crossing.

Periodically over the last several decades, various Lords, Mayors, and other worthies have dangled the concept of a new bridge in front of the citizens of Pittsburgh Township.  As you well know, previous attempts to realize a new crossing have gone nowhere, and relegated the elusive beast to the realm of conjecture.  What seems to be lacking is the community’s willpower.

Like many other Kingstonians, I have numerous questions and concerns about this project.  A short list is as follows:

  • How much will taxpayers have to contribute to fund the third crossing?
  • Will the development of a new bridge hinder the upkeep of the LaSalle Causeway, and other roads that are in dire need of repair (Brock, Princess etc…)?
  • How many design options are City officials currently considering, and what are they?
  • Who gets to rank the final proposals, and ultimately make a decision?
  • Will regular Kingstonians get an honest chance to weigh in?

Are any of these questions worth discussing, or is the issue of a third crossing out of our hands?

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