Mike Cole-Hamilton

Mike and Jane Cole-Hamilton came to Canada in 1975, the best move they ever made. They were drawn to Kingston by camping holidays at Landon Bay, family picnics at Jones Falls and two children at Queen’s. From 1998 until recently, they lived in the house they designed and built near Whitefish Lake, they are now in downtown Kingston. Learn more about Mike...

3 thoughts on “Norman Rogers Airport Runway Extension

  • And another……. 'Not to do list'….. for Kingston …..Runway Extension…..Wellington Street Extension……Capital Condo Construction…..wonder what will be next on the list?

  • Hi Don, that's not a "Not to Do" – simply a possible "What If?" to get people thinking. The proponents may well be right, but a very expensive exercise if not. Like you, I like to provoke thought.

  • What about relocating the existing train station and bus terminal to a location that’s actually near hotels, commercial amenities and transit? The trains run right behind Kings Crossing Mall, and a station could easily be built to accommodate both viarail and Greyhound/Megabus services as well as additional restaurants to the growing shopping district… Express transit service only takes 10-minutes to downtown and already exists from this location… its also slightly closer to the 401 for the Megabus (which is often delayed) and a new city-operated terminal would be an incentive for GOTransit busses to eventually offer commuter service up here to the GTA (I won’t comment as to my view on that, but I think it’s something that we will eventually see if Megabus goes under) it’d also save kingstonians $2,000,000 annually in providing unnecessary bus service to the existing train station that could easily be relocated in a facility that meets 21st century accessibility standards and esthetic standards that are modest but better reflect Kingstons heritage to arriving tourists than 1970s suburban architecture… this is where the city should be investing it’s money if it’s interested in actually attracting tourism… When I go to Toronto or Montreal, I exit the train or bus in the heart of the city— and in Ottawa, I exit the train or bus about the same distance from the city center as Kingston— however the train station is right along the E-W transitway line and the Bus terminal is two blocks west of Bank Street, which is a 30 minute walk (or 10 minute bus ride on 15 minute service) to downtown… When you’re an urbanite traveling somewhere, you don’t want to be wasting your hard-earned money on taxis… you’d rather be spending it on a nice hotel, tourism attraction admission and awesome resturants… The existing coach terminal is embarrassing to the city, and there doesn’t seem to be any willingness of the company to do any renovations to the crude facility… and the train station is getting some modest renovations, but is located in a swamp… if construction started this fall for a new train station, it could presumably be open by this time next year— and the existing viarail station would be vacated and traffic in that area would decrease substantially enough to make construction of the new John Counter Blvd. Railway bridge easy… long story short, expanding the airport shouldn’t be a priority… we’ve got other fish to fry…

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