Achieving One-Bag Per Household in Kingston

One Bag Per Household, Kingston, OntarioStarting the week of September 10th, local households will only be permitted to place one bag of garbage out for curbside pickup (exceptionally two bags are allowed immediately following New Year’s Day, Victoria Day and Labour Day).  Each additional bag will require a $2 bag tag, which you can conveniently purchase online via the City of Kingston.  The mildly controversial one bag per household limit was implemented to assist the Limestone City in realizing its goal of diverting 65 percent of residential waste from the landfill. In recent years, the expanded plastic recycling program as well as the introduction of organic waste collection have enabled Kingston to divert an estimated 55 percent of material from the landfill.  Ultimately, the goal of these sustainable measures is to delay the costly exhaustion of available landfill space, and encourage maximum participation in the City’s environmentally conscious recycling efforts.

While a majority of our readers support the one bag per household measure, we are undoubtedly going to experience a few growing pains in the months to come by way of dealing with an expected increase in illegal dumping, and changing our respective habits.  Accordingly this week’s poll asks:

How will your household get to one garbage bag per week?

  • We're already at one bag per week. (71%, 132 Votes)
  • We won't/can't. $2 bag tags it is. (21%, 39 Votes)
  • We'll start using our green bin. (4%, 8 Votes)
  • More use of blue/grey/green bins. (3%, 6 Votes)
  • Smarter in-store purchases. (1%, 2 Votes)

Total Voters: 187

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On average, our household of two humans and one cat generate one bag of garbage every two to three weeks.  However, there are the odd times throughout the year where household renovations, etc… require us to use more than the standard solo bag.  Under the new scheme, my plan is to store those extra bags in the garage, and haul them out to the curb on one of our down weeks.  I honestly can’t image paying $2 extra just to get rid of all of our garbage at once.  Kingstonians who are living in apartment buildings and residing in households with greater numbers (ie larger families, students homes) will undoubtedly be faced with the burdensome chore and additional cost associated with disposing of more than one trash bag per week.  While the new normal will disagree with some people, I believe that it makes sense in that those who require more waste disposal should foot the bill.  Why should the rest of us collectively pay more to accommodate those who are not making the most of recycling programs that are already costing us money?

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