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Earth Hour
In case you haven’t heard, Earth Hour is taking place this Saturday, March the 29th from 8pm until 9pm. The ultimate goal is to get as many people around the world to go sans electricity for an hour, and you can rest assured that Kingston will be doing it’s part. In an announcement late last week, the City advised that all non-essential downtown street lighting would remain off until 9pm. This will also be the case in Portsmouth Olympic Harbour, and at various business locations across the city, however “safety lighting” will remain functional for your, er…safety? In addition to dimming the lights, all of the refrigeration units at municipal outdoor rinks will remain off during Earth Hour, which will help reduce the cities’ overall consumption.

If you’re looking to celebrate this great initiative with like minded folks and take in some entertainment at the same time, I recommend that you check out the candle lit show going on at the Leopard Frog Recording Studio on Queen Street, featuring the Night Sun, Jenica Rayne, Brian Flynn and more! Otherwise, what are you planning on turning off on the 29th? Will you be busting out some candles and boardgames, or simply enjoying old fashioned conversation with friends and family? Be sure to let Kingstonist know, as each time you comment this month, you’re entered into our draw for a gift certificate from either Minotaur Gifts and Games, or the comic book and video game haven, 4 Colour, 8 Bit.

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2 thoughts on “Lights Out Kingston

  • I’ll be at the Kingston Symphony concert that night and I doubt they’ll be playing in the dark…too bad.

  • Ive convinced my place of employment to participate, while not all luights will be off we will be working with a minumum. Hopefully other businesses across the city will do the same.

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