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Kingston Transit, weekly pollIn 2011, Kingston Transit unveiled a four-year plan to redevelop bus transit in Kingston.  The plan is being implemented in two phases beginning this month with the addition of our first ever express bus.  Multiple express routes are being added to Kingston Transit along with the redesign of existing routes.  With that, more buses have been added to the fleet (we went from 48 to 63 this year).  You’ve probably also noticed the new bus shelters that have been added around town providing refuge from the rain and a place for riders to sit.  New technology is also being developed, allowing for real-time bus arrival information and traffic signal priority along major routes.

Kingston Transit has predicted that these changes will see a growth in ridership from 3.5M people per year to 4.1M, which will also result in a revenue increase from $5.4M to $7.4M.  Along with that, comes the cost of getting us there, which is budgeted at $24.9M – $18M more than current yearly operations.  Cash fares are forecast to increase by $0.25 in 2014.

Many believe the cost is worth it as the addition of more buses and express routes are long overdue.  These changes, along with new bike lanes, are crucial to seeing Kingston achieve its goal of becoming Canada’s Most Sustainable City.  Kingston Transit promises a faster, more frequent, more reliable and easier to use system once the plan is complete.  So this week we want to know:

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Tell us how you voted.  Are you already a Kingston Transit customer, and if not, will these changes make a difference in your choice to ride or not ride the bus?  If you are a current user, are you happy to see these changes?  What else would you add to the current plan?

Danielle Lennon

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  • What about an answer – the changes aren't good and now won't ride the bus as often. What was once a 18min bus ride to work now takes me 52min.

    • I'm not sure where you go. My ride on the bus is the opposite. What used to take 47 minutes now takes just over 20 including walking. I go to the express stop a few blocks over get on the bus every 15 minutes and get to Queens. It's great! If I end up working late I can still get a bus home.

      • I live in Amherstview, and work along Bath Road, I now need to transfer at the mall, to get back down to Bath Road. I understand it is a huge help to get people downtown quicker, for me however it's the exact opposite!

        I completely understand the city needs to weigh options of all residents and I'm sure the new bus schedule has helped the majority of people get around. I myself however have only taken the bus once to work since the change, and have been carpooling and biking every other day.

    • Email the Transit Manager, Jeremy DaCosta at the city so that he can hear your comments and maybe help you find a quicker route.

    • The number 10 bus from amherstview to kingston center use to take 30 minutes it now takes 65 minutes.

  • I would like. To see kingston. Township transit bus. On. The road

  • I only hope the decision to purchase these brand new buses goes above and beyond marketing the new service?!

    ….Like buying a new toilet: shiny and new, but still a toilet!!

    • Indoor plumbing is very useful. So is public transportation. Shiny and new? Yes, but still a bus.

  • My bus route in Kingston west takes longer now. With the new bus stop enclosures they should have put garbage cans in them. Lots of cups and garbage in the good looking waiting areas.

    • How is that possible? From everything I've seen and people I talk to on the bus the trip is shorter. I live in the Westwoods area around Lancaster in Kingston west and even if I took my old route with the regular buses my bus route is still the same.

  • Overall I'm happy with the changes with Kingston Transit. I live in the west end (Henderson Boulevard), and I now usually take the new express buses to Queen's or downtown. It's about a 10 minute walk to the bus (which is good exercise) but the express buses are fast and it works well. I used to take the #6 bus to Queen's, but it now doesn't go past St. Lawrence– I wish they had kept the #6's existing route and added the express buses. But overall the changes are good, and I like the new bus shelters. The transit planning tool is also excellent, and I use it all the time. I'm hoping that these changes will get more people riding the bus– we need to get people out of their cars and taking the bus, walking, or cycling. A bus pass is still much cheaper than running a car.

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