Kingston Bylaws: Watering Your Lawn

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A couple of weeks ago we introduced a new series focused on City of Kingston bylaws.  Our last post discussed the proper disposal of large items such as furniture and household appliances, and generated some excellent questions from all of you.  This week, we’re talking about water.

With the incredible highs and lack of rain we’ve seen this  summer, many of our lawns have turn a crispy golden brown, and the desire to run through a sprinkler has been strong.  However, the city has instated a bylaw to help conserve water from June-September, although it seems that many Kingstonians are unaware of the exact rules.  Here’s the basic deal: residents living in even numbered houses may water with a hand-held hose, can or bucket on even numbered dates anytime throughout the day, and vice versa for those of us living in odd numbered homes.  When it comes to sprinklers, sorry kiddies, although it’s a great childhood memory for many of us, sprinklers aren’t actually allowed to run during the day except for the hours of 5am-10am.  For those who have newly planted gardens or lawns and need to water regularly to make the investment worthwhile, fear not, you can purchase a permit from the city for $55 that will allow you to water daily.  You can read some of the finer details here.

One excellent question we received on our last post from Shari was regarding large institutions and whether or not they are exempt from the watering bylaw.  She mentioned that one college in particular seemed to be consistently watering during the day.  We’re still waiting on a response from the city on that one so we’ll be sure to keep you posted the second we hear back.

In the meantime, you can read up on some tips on lawn watering and water conservation in general.  And tell us, what do you do to help reduce the use of water in these hot months?  Do you swear by the rain barrel?  Have automatic sprinklers that go off in the middle of the night? Or maybe you just water when your garden needs it regardless of the bylaw.  Drop us a comment below and please, keep the questions coming!

Thanks to Brian J. Matis for today’s photo.

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