#ygkChallenge: Keep Your Pet Cool

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Our little buddy enjoys a good ice cube rub on hot days.

The #ygkchallenge is an ongoing series where we dare you to be different, resolve to be better, and or do something awesome in support of our beloved community. Each week, Kingstonist establishes a new, ambitious or quirky goal, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and do something great, and hopefully a little out of the ordinary. By taking part in this community-wide initiative, we hope to make Kingston (and the world) a slightly better place to live, work and play.

This week’s #ygkchallenge encourages you to:

Keep Fido and Muffin from overheating. It’s really hot. We’re all struggling to keep cool and, while they are very adaptable to temperature changes, our pets suffer in extreme temperatures just like we do. This week we challenge you to take some steps to ensure your fur baby is as comfortable and hydrated as possible in the heat and humidity. Dogs and cats show different signs of overheating, but you can spot signs such as panting, rapid breathing, fatigue and restlessness.  When you detect that your little guy or gal might be feeling the heat, there are a few things you can do to help: make sure their water dish is always topped up, and cool it off by adding a few ice cubes; be sure they have access to bare floors and basements when possible; change the time of day that you walk your dog so it’s a bit later and hopefully a bit cooler out, and keep an open window and/or fan near their favourite spot. Of course, as we’re regularly reminded, keep your pets out of hot cars and please, please don’t ride your bike with your dog on a leash trying to keep up (ever!) Of course, other pets are affected too, so take the time to do some research to learn how you can keep your hamster, bunny or hedgehog cool at this time of year. Not a pet owner? Keep your eyes peeled for pets left in cars and make the call if necessary to get them out and safe.

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