Community Soapbox: Election Signs

election signs are trash, Kingston, Ontario
“Sign Sign everywhere a sign
Blocking out the scenery breaking my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign”

Obviously the citizens of Kingston can read the signs. They are being plastered around the city at a rate that matches a bad case of poison ivy or the chicken pox at a kid’s birthday party. When does the election sign turn from a promotional item to an annoyance? We are just over a month away from Election day and I am already sick and tired of the sea of red and white littering every intersection in town.

There is something I have always liked about the Kingston scenery and taking an afternoon drive through the busy streets. Taking in all the beautiful buildings, the infrastructure and the green space. Why is it legal for a stake to be driven through the heart of the land I pay taxes for?

While travelling through the west end of town this week I found myself having to creep into an intersection because of a distracting sign partially blocking my view. My frustration brought me to my computer to look for an email address to complain to this Candidate. My search landed me on The City Of Kingston website and a very interesting piece of information, a By-law.

By-law 2000-293, a by-law to regulate election signs in the City of Kingston. It sets the procedure and rules for the placement of election signs. If you have a moment to view this document it would become very clear that a certain Mayoral candidate is violating this law and, as per section 12, should be liable to pay the set fine.

Now, you would think that a Mayoral candidate would do a little research and make sure the multitude of his “Electoral Graffiti” is not violating any city laws, the city in which he would like to represent and lead into the future.

It is not the magnitude of your sign that makes you a good Mayor, it’s the platform of your campaign and how visible you are in the community. A three foot piece of corrugated plastic shouldn’t represent a man, yet it is the man that should represent his city.

I encourage all candidates to think about our city and its residents before scattering the streets with your wasted advertising. Stand up for the city you claim to adore and take that collected money and donate it to a worthy cause. You will impress me much more with that human action than any sign would ever do.
Submitted to Kingstonist’s Community Soapbox by: Tim Pearsall.

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