Plan B

Capitol skyrise, Kingston, Ontario…and there will be a Plan “B”, we can be sure of that!  The peer review gave Downtown Kingston a short respite, but The Capitol project will return soon.  It has reappeared determinedly on Facebook.

Marketing materials suggest that The Capital condos can be bought as fully serviced investments.  This could translate into some owners opting to rent them or otherwise use them as Air B&B’s.  In my opinion, the latter would result in an erratic, transient population with no real connection to the City – it could also deal a nasty blow to local hotels and BnBs.

Despite the Homestead distractions further downtown, keep an eye on this one.

Mike Cole-Hamilton

Mike and Jane Cole-Hamilton came to Canada in 1975, the best move they ever made. They were drawn to Kingston by camping holidays at Landon Bay, family picnics at Jones Falls and two children at Queen’s. From 1998 until recently, they lived in the house they designed and built near Whitefish Lake, they are now in downtown Kingston. Learn more about Mike...

4 thoughts on “Plan B

  • ……and in the few days since I drew it, Capitol is popping up all over the place. The Weather Network is the latest. This looks like the start of a very aggressive Plan B, or Phase Two. Don't turn your back on it!

  • Not sure why the anti development people are upset that they "might be rented"? The larger supply of rentals the better. There are units in Frontenac Village, where a lot of them live, offered for rent. Might even be a room or unit on airbandb. Should it have not been built because "they might be rented"?

    • Sorry guys, not really in my back yard – and by the time they are there I may not be. My concern is with several issues, two will do for now. The sort of Kingston we leave behind for upcoming generations, and putting even more modern, angular, out-of-scale buildings downtown, crowding out some of Ontario's best older architecture.

      But I'll have some of your beer nuts, please.


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