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Best Campground Near KingstonMany would agree that camping is the quintessential Canadian summertime activity. What better way to take in our great outdoors, relax, unplug and overindulge in sugary, fire roasted treats? While you need a bit of equipment to comfortably embark on a camping adventure, even if you’re not roughing it, pitching a tent is comparatively much more affordable than vacations that involve hotels, eating out and so on. In fact, some of my greatest camping memories were made by popping a simple tent up in my backyard, and spending endless moonlit hours laughing with friends and visiting relatives. While camping used to be a mainstay of Lake Ontario Park, since 2005 outdoor enthusiasts have had to venture outside of the city in order to access public camping grounds. Focusing on those that are closest to the Limestone City, this week’s poll question asks:

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Coming off of a weekend of camping, the simple criteria regarding what makes a good campground is pretty fresh in my mind. Accessible conservation areas, swim-able lakes, quiet or at least respectful neighbors and clean facilities all combine to make for ideal conditions when it comes to camping. Venturing outside of the city to enjoy one of the dozens of nearby privately owned or provincial campgrounds is a great way to get away without having to travel too far from the City. While I personally think that we missed a golden opportunity to devote a small portion of the soon-to-be revitalized Lake Ontario Park to tents and RVs, I’m honestly not sure I would have  used a campsite inside the city.  If I wanted to camp inside the city, I’d be better off setting up a tent in my backyard.  Even so, visitors to our city would likely have appreciated this option.

Where are your favourite campgrounds near Kingston?  What criteria is essential for you and your family when you venture out to enjoy and live in the great outdoors?

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4 thoughts on “Best Campground Near Kingston

  • What about the Thousand Island's national park? Two islands (Cedar and Milton) are only a canoe/boat ride away.

  • Wondering why the Municipal campground was closed here a number of years ago. My parents used to drive their motorhome (small one) to Kingston to visit and loved staying there. Close to downtown, great for local businesses. Anyone with insight? :)

    • I believe camping was originally axed from LOP due to the amount it cost to operate and maintain the site. It was hinted that a small portion of the redesigned park would have event camping, but I think this was eventually scaled back due to the results of the public consultation. Not a big surprise that camping ranked pretty low on the list of priorities when the city consulted the public, as this was moreso an ammenity used by out-of-towners. Disappointing that we don’t still have something like this in close proximity to downtown.

      • Yes, I understand the Kingstonian's reluctance to see the value of camping close to downtown. Not many Kingstonians would use the campground. It does strike me as a bit short-sighted, though, because such a site so close to downtown would have made Kingston a destination stop for many travellers and campers. Not just those in RVs, but cyclists who camp, especially as weekenders so to speak. We hear about the 1000 Islands Parkway with camping along the way, and it would have been great to plug into this with a Municipal Campsite. I tell you, having lived in many cities in Canada, I am struck by how Kingstonians think, about how difficult it seems to be to get ANYTHING done in this town (Block D? Third crossing? Lake Ontario Park has been on the books for HOW long?), and the amount of back-and-forth for YEARS that happens here with accusations back and forth in City Council (the recent spat between the Mayor and several Council members comes to mind). It seems that Kingston wants tourism, wants a degree of development, wants to have a higher profile but resists every opportunity along the way. Kind of sad, to me. :)

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