Economic Action Plan for Kingston

Economic Action Plan, Kingston, OntarioThis morning I went hiking with my two fierce creatures at Lemoine Point – a fantastic and little known hiking area just west of the airport.  On my way towards the point, I noticed a few signs proclaiming the presence of Canada’s Economic Action Plan.  I could not read what each project entailed, and so, upon returning home I searched the interwebs to do a quick investigation.

According to the Canada Economic Action Plan website, a few projects in Kingston have qualified for stimulus funding, and thus, presumably they are being ‘fast tracked’ for completion.  Otherwise, very little information is available on the City of Kingston’s website,  save for a couple of reports to council that mention stimulus funding.  Specifically, the report to council from the meeting on September 15th notes that $60 million was requested from the Infrastructure Stimulus Fund, while only $21 million was actually granted for use on projects such as the John Counter Blvd expansion.   This got me thinking, assuming you agree that stimulus funds are a necessary evil of the recession, which projects should be funded in the Limestone City?  Are the projects identified by Kingston City Council at the top of your priority list?

Cross posted at juniorannex.  Special thanks to M.Gifford for today’s image of the Action Plan signage.

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