Dropbike project finally launching in Kingston

Dropbikes are already starting to appear on the streets of downtown Kingston. This ‘haven’ for Dropbikes was installed on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo by Lucas Mulder.

A new fleet of orange and white bikes is hitting the streets of Kingston this month as Dropbike Inc. launches its community bike sharing program.

The upgraded Dropbikes will be set up at 50-plus ‘Dropbike havens’ around Kingston, and can be rented for a fee using the company’s mobile app. Once users are finished, the bikes can be returned at any haven in the city.

“We understand the benefits to active transportation and fighting climate change when people use bicycles instead of cars. Community bike sharing offers this affordable service in cities around the world,” said Paul MacLatchy, Kingston’s Environment Director.

The project was supposed to launch July 2018, but was delayed twice and ultimately cancelled in November due to “manufacturer’s recall and an early winter storm.”  A dumpster full of Dropbikes was discovered in the Inner Harbour over Easter weekend, sparking a circulation of rumours on social media that the bikes were being thrown out. According to McLatchy, the bikes were recycled in anticipation of newer models.

The new improved drop Dropbike models differ from the original 2017 pilot project bikes with the addition of gears and improved locks. They are also now compatible with Kingston Transit bike racks. Kingstonians can try the upgraded Dropbikes at the official launch event on Monday, May 13, 2019 in Springer Market Square.

To find out more about Dropbike or download the mobile app, click here.
More Dropbikes and a ‘haven’ installed on Princess Street on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. Photo by Lucas Mulder.

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  • l’m looking for a used ‘dropbike’ or one that has a similar frame [even damaged to construct from] needed for hip issues, but still would like to ”ride” …. Very appreciated De

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