Donation matching makes March the perfect time to support SPWC

SPWC and volunteers rely on donations to keep caring for local wildlife. Photo from October 2023, via SPWC Facebook page.

During the month of March, Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre (SPWC) does its best to build its infrastructure in preparation for an influx of wild babies in need. The organization is holding its March Madness Monthly Donor Drive to help them give the best support possible to all the wild creatures that they cross paths with.

“We are eagerly preparing much like expectant parents do before a new baby arrives, except we aren’t expecting just one baby, we are about to face hundreds if not thousands of wild babies in need of help. Some of them just need our guidance given to the people that find them in their attics, some need help being rescued and brought to us for care. Some that need care are with us for only a short time and then released back into the wild, while others may need to stay a year to be ready for life in the wild,” the organization stated in a media release.

“As a charitable organization that receives no government funding, we rely on donors, and especially monthly donors, to keep our doors open. All donors are important, but monthly donors give charities something that is almost impossible in the not-for-profit world — stability.”

SPWC shared some of the many reasons for supporters to become monthly donors:

  •, the website SPWC uses to manage its online fundraising, has a March Match promotion. They will match new monthly donations of $20 or more but adding on an extra $20, or, if existing monthly donors increase their monthly donation by more that $10, they will add an extra $10.
  • A generous donor is willing to tack on an extra $10,000 if SPWC can increase its monthly donations by $10,000 this March. “Even more incentive to start or increase your monthly donation to SPWC today!!” the organization enthused.

In the release, SPWC noted that for the same price as a Netflix subscription, donors could help them raise an orphan fawn, or a litter of orphaned fox kits. They also detailed how these donations will help:

  • $35/month can sponsor one virtual school program for up to 30 students on how to keep wildlife safe in their community.
  • $50/month could provide a year’s worth of life-saving medication to all the raptors and waterbirds they care for.
  • $78/month can sponsor one live virtual tour for school groups for up to 90 students to understand human impacts on wildlife and inspire a career in animal welfare.
  • $85/month can sponsor one in-person classroom visit for up to 30 students to develop empathy and compassion for wildlife through outdoor exploration and hands-on activities.
  • $150/month ($5/day) can sponsor one outreach event per month to raise awareness of our rehabilitation work to 100+ community members.
Submitted image.

“A testimony to the amazing work being done at SPWC is our beloved Red Fox from Bath Road with a broken jaw. Our passion and dedication helped pull that fox through a horrible scenario and the community support for him was outstanding,” the organization said.

“His story reached hearts all over Ontario and highlighted how people can and should help our wild neighbours, especially when it is human activity that puts the animal in peril. That fox should be ready to return home in two weeks if it goes well and he is relatively calm!!”

SPWC is also offering incentives for new and existing monthly donors. Visit the March Madness Monthly Donor Campaign page for more details!

Learn more about Sandy Pines Wildlife Centre on its website.

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