Generous donation helps ‘generate’ more consistent services for Lakelands Family Health Team

Generator being delivered to one of the clinic sites. Image via Community Foundation for Lennox and Addington.

Two community medical clinics in Lennox and Addington have been provided with generators in order to continuously supply residents with quality, necessary medical care and community needs.

During these extraordinary times, area residents are increasingly aware of the importance of access to dependable health care, according to a release from the Community Foundation for Lennox and Addington (CFFLA). The Foundation, alongside the Mazinaw Community Fund, and in partnership with Lakelands Family Health Team, and the Township of Addington Highlands, have announced the installation of emergency generators at the Northbrook Medical Centre and at the Addington Highlands Community Centre in Denbigh.

For many years Dr. Tobia and Lakelands Family Health Team, with clinics in Northbrook and Denbigh, joined more recently by the Northbrook pharmacy, have offered medical advice and comforting assistance to the local community, according to the release. Because of frequent power outages over the years, CFFLA said that it became apparent that auxiliary electricity was necessary for these locations.

According to CFFLA, Margaret Axford and Ian Brumell recognized this need and, taking advice from Dr. Tobia and Lakelands Family Health Team, in conjunction with their Mazinaw Community Fund, decided to give back and partially fund these auxiliary power installations.

Jan Powell, spokesperson for Lakelands Family Health Team, explains the importance of the project, “Lakelands Family Health Team requires power to run the clinics on a daily basis. Power is needed for our electronic medical records, heating, cooling, security, water, and electrical systems. Historically, we have needed to close whenever a power outage occurs, cancelling all inpatient care and requiring the immediate transport of vaccines to alternate sites with cooling and freezing capabilities.”

“The emergency generators project ensures that Lakelands Family Health Team will be able to remain open for delivery of care during power outages,” Powell continued. “From Lakelands Family Health Team, our current patients, future patients, other tenants in the buildings and on behalf of our community, Lakelands Family Health Team thanks everyone who has played a role in delivering this project!”

“A foundation, in every sense, is a firm and sustainable base upon which we build for the present and the future. The Community Foundation for Lennox & Addington and the Mazinaw Community Fund are thrilled to be providing $60,000 to this much-needed project. It is the largest single grant made in our history. We gratefully appreciate the generous citizens of Lennox and Addington County who ensure essential capacity to make our community thrive. This particular donation is made possible through the Mazinaw Community Flow-Through Fund and the leadership and generosity of Margaret Axford and Ian Brumell,” explained Dennis Mills, President of the Community Foundation for Lennox & Addington. The Mazinaw Community Fund has been providing grants to charitable projects throughout the region since its establishment in 2006, according to the release.

A spokesperson, on behalf of The Township of Addington Highlands, added that “the Township is very grateful for the generous donation from the Community Foundation for Lennox & Addington to install standby generators at the Medical Building in Northbrook and the Addington Highlands Community Centre in Denbigh. Both facilities house offices of the Lakelands Family Health Team. It is vital to the internal operations of the LFHT and to the people it serves in our community and the surrounding areas, that they can continue to operate during normal hours during power outages. And, it is also vital to have a secure continuous power supply during off-hours to protect refrigerated vaccines and medicines within these facilities. There are other tenants in these buildings including a Pharmacy, Public Library, Community Food Bank, and Community meeting and recreational areas that also significantly benefit with continuous power.“

An opening celebration will take place Monday, Oct. 18 at 11:45 a.m. at the Northbrook Medical Centre, 12357 Hwy. 41, Northbrook. On hand for the opening celebration will be: donors Ian Brumell and Margaret Axford, Dr. Tobia and members of the Lakelands Family Health Team, President of the Community Foundation for Lennox and Addington Dennis Mills, and representatives of the Corporation of the Township of Addington Highlands.

The Community Foundation for Lennox & Addington is an umbrella charity that works to enhance the communities of Lennox and Addington County through charitable grants and the awarding of scholarships and bursaries in support of local students. Learn more about the CFFLA on their website:

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