Despite a semi-empty lot, Gan Chev has much to offer buyers

The lot at Gananoque Chevrolet Buick GMC is lacking vehicles due to the pandemic. Vehicles are on order and supply is expected to increase. Photo by Dale Sheppard.

The pandemic is still affecting the supply of products and materials in many industries, and car dealerships are no exception.

“A lot of dealers don’t have inventory right now — that is pretty obvious by driving by a dealership lot!” expressed Mike Kellam, Operations Manager at Gan Chev. “What people might not know is that most dealers have a long list of vehicles that are coming, or available for order, as production starts to ramp back up and vehicle shipments are getting back on track.”

For those looking for a new vehicle, the team at Gan Chev has put together some advice to help buyers through the process, even when there are not many cars on the lot.

According to Kellam, buyers are often surprised that the vehicles they are looking for are already on order and could be arriving at a local dealership shortly.

“The fact that dealerships have been lower with inventory, I think, has given people a chance to slow down and really think about what they want. Here at Gan Chev, we have really tried to work with our customers to help them review their options and reserve an incoming vehicle,” he explained. “This process is pretty easy for our customers. We go over the vehicles coming in, they can choose what options they are looking for, go over quotes, and start the process of the credit application and paperwork so everything is ready when the vehicle arrives.”

As far as trading in a vehicle, Gan Chev suggests current owners be honest and upfront, sharing any dents, accidents, or other items that may affect the appraisal. Mentioning these right away will help the dealership provide a correct and quick appraisal process, and get buyers to their new cars faster.

Image via Gan Chev.

When asked about the potential circumstance of a buyer receiving a vehicle that doesn’t quite fit their expectations, Kellam said that no one is ever pushed into a purchase at Gan Chev. “If the vehicle arrived and it wasn’t what they wanted we would work with them to find them something else,” he said. “We would never force someone to take a vehicle that didn’t suit their needs.”

When the buyer is ready to take the leap, Warren Abbink, a Gan Chev Finance Manager, chimed in with what to bring to your financing appointment. “Your most recent pay stub, your income amount, your mortgage payment and balance are all great things to have before you come in for the credit process,” he shared.

Dale Sheppard, the Marketing Manager at the dealership, was brand new to the automotive business when she started at Gan Chev four years ago. She has gained a significant amount of knowledge in that time, but maintains a customer standpoint, which is an asset to the Gan Chev marketing efforts. “I always feel like I am looking at things from an outside perspective because I don’t have years of experience in the car business,” she shared. “What I have really noticed at Gan Chev (as a customer and staff member) is how easy-going our entire team is. Most of our sales team has been in the business anywhere from 10 to 35 years. They are very knowledgeable but they also know that pressuring a customer into buying a vehicle doesn’t work. They all take the time to explain options to their customer, answer questions and then let them decide!”

Now that she has gained experience at the dealership, she had a few things to share that she has seen make a difference to the process of purchasing a vehicle.

“Tips I would have for anyone car shopping is go online and do some research, watch videos and make yourself a list of questions before attending the dealership. And if you don’t have time to come to the dealership, we can bring a test drive to you,” she said.

Sheppard went on to say that the Gan Chev team is always happy to answer any questions about financing, stock, or the vehicles themselves, and they offer some contactless options during the purchasing process.

”We can bring paperwork to you and deliver your vehicle to your home or work after purchase,” she said. “This was a service that we offered even before the pandemic and have continued to do so for a real ‘Shop at Home’ experience.”

Kellam shared the bottom line: “Don’t rush the process. It’s better to take the time to get what you want. A vehicle is a big investment… take your time to find a vehicle that truly suits your needs.”

Visit the Gan Chev website to search their inventory or learn more about the business.

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