Kingston Police arrest video sparks investigation

Citizen video of an arrest by Kingston Police on Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. Viewer discretion advised.

Kingston Police say they have made a referral to the Professional Standards Office after officers were recorded, on citizen video, kicking and punching at a suspect during an arrest in Kingston’s north end.

The video, recorded by Destiny Gravelle on Compton Street in the early afternoon of Monday, Feb. 14, 2022, and widely shared on social media, depicts a young male being arrested by Kingston Police. The recording shows police searching the suspect and seizing items which then appear to be placed in a hazardous materials container inside the trunk of a police cruiser. Following additional searches, the suspect is stripped of his pants and shoes and placed into a Kingston Police cruiser. Partway through the arrest, Kingston Police officers are recorded punching and kneeing the suspect.

Kingston Police have not disclosed the suspect’s name, the reason for his arrest, nor what circumstances prompted officers to resort to use of force. Kingston Police have stated that they are aware of the video, but are unable to comment on it. “Kingston Police has been made aware of the video and this matter has been referred to Professional Standards for investigation. We cannot comment or speculate on the outcome,” Kingston Police said in an email response.

Kingston Police officers, and police services across Ontario, are trained to employ a “use of force model” when interacting with and arresting suspects. The model provides officers with standards they must adhere to when considering the use of force. The continuum within the use of force model ranges from mere officer presence, communication with the suspect, physical control (ranging from soft to hard techniques), the use of intermediate weapons such as batons, pepper spray and Tasers, and up to lethal force in extreme cases. The decision of which option to employ is meant to be guided by the degree of cooperation being exhibited by the person with whom they are interacting. The model directs that a police officer continually assess the situation and select the most reasonable option relative to the circumstances as perceived at that point in time.

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  • It will be interesting to find out how this total arrest procedure will be justified.

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