Create less waste this back-to-school season with The Keep Refillery Kingston

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The Keep Refillery Kingston is located at 206 Princess Street. Photo via The Keep Refillery.

It’s that time of year! Why not start off on the right foot and choose sustainable options this back-to-school season? The Keep Refillery Kingston has you covered and, best of all, you’ll create no plastic waste!

We’ve bundled our favourite, all-natural, biodegradable, micro-plastic-free essentials into “Keep Kits”.

A couple of our favourite Back to School Kits to help you get back into the routine:

The 8:30 Lecture Kit: This is a must-have! We’ve all been there… Who hasn’t stayed up a little too late, woken up a mess, looked down at the clock, and had a surge of panic when they realized they’re late for class? This kit includes a 1oz tin of routine natural refillable deodorant, a 1oz tin of all-natural refillable toothpaste tablets, and a 1oz tin of all-natural refillable dry shampoo.

The 8:30 Lecture Kit. Photo via The Keep Refillery.

The Easy A Kit: For an easy, breezy, sustainable self-care routine. This kit Includes one Jack59 Shampoo bar (doubles as a soap bar), one bamboo toothbrush, and one tin of refillable all-natural crushable toothpaste tablets.

The Easy A Kit. Photo via The Keep Refillery.

Our top-selling Starter Kits are perfect for dorm rooms and shared living:

The Laundry Kit: Like it or not, you’ve gotta do laundry. This kit is complete with concentrated, refillable, all-natural laundry detergent and fabric softener, a stain remover stick, good for all those coffee stains, and three wool dryer balls.

The Laundry Kit. Photo via The Keep Refillery.

The Kitchen Kit: Sharing a kitchen? How awesome would it be if everyone took turns refilling the dish soap and hand soap? With this kit, you can do just that. While you’re at it, replace that pesky plastic wrap with a wax wrap instead, then try a bamboo scrub brush and — bam! — your kitchen is ready to clean!

The Kitchen Kit. Photo via The Keep Refillery.

These kits aren’t just for students. They’re also great for those moms and dads trying to get their kids out the door in the morning, too.

Changing habits isn’t easy, but refilling actually is.

You can shop online at and in-store at The Keep Refillery Kingston located at 206 Princess Street. Or, catch us at the Queen’s Orientation this Sunday, Sept 4, 2022.

We are open seven days a week. Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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