UPDATE: COVID-19 outbreak declared at Perth Road Public School

UPDATE (Nov. 4, 2021)

The outbreak at Perth Road Public School, which was declared on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021 is now at six cases.

Original article:

Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington (KFL&A) Public Health has declared a COVID-19 outbreak at Perth Road Public School in South Frontenac.

Perth Road Public School. Photo via school website.

The outbreak, which was declared on Tuesday, Nov. 2, 2021, currently consists of four cases. The cases involve an epidemiological link, meaning the individuals affected could have been infected at the school, either from one another or a common source, which could include transportation, according to a letter sent out to school families by the Limestone District School Board (LDBS) on behalf of KFL&A Public Health. According to LDSB listed confirmed cases of COVID-19, the four cases are those of three students and one member of staff.

“We recognize that receiving this information may be stressful and we want to ensure you understand the process going forward. KFL&A Public Health and the school are taking all necessary steps to prevent further spread of the virus both in the school and the community,” the letter to Perth Road P.S. families reads.

“KFL&A Public Health is working with the school to identify cohorts of students and staff who are affected by the positive cases. Not all students will be affected by the outbreak.”

Public Health provided the following information to the families:

What should you do?

  • Continue to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 and screen your student daily as most cases of COVID-19 are acquired in the home setting.
  • It is not necessary to have your student tested at this time if they do not have symptoms of COVID-19. Testing now may lead to unnecessary or repeat testing.
  • If anyone in your household has or develops symptoms of COVID-19, they must self-isolate and should book an appointment at an assessment centre for testing as soon as possible. It is required that all household members who are not fully vaccinated isolate until the person with symptoms receives a negative COVID-19 test result or an alternative diagnosis from a health care professional.
  • If you receive an additional letter or are contacted by KFL&A Public Health, follow the guidance provided.
  • If you do not receive an additional letter or call from the school or KFL&A Public Health, your student can continue going to school, if they pass the daily screening.

What will KFL&A Public Health do?

  • Public Health Nurses will contact individuals who test positive for COVID-19 and will be in contact with the school.
  • KFL&A Public Health will identify and contact all individuals (including students and staff) who had close contact with the person who tested positive.
  • KFL&A Public Health will provide direction to close contacts and the school to protect students and staff and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What will the school do?

  • Provide KFL&A Public Health with contact information for identified individuals.
  • Clean and disinfect all areas in the school where the exposure may have occurred.
  • Work with KFL&A Public Health to develop a plan to protect all students and staff and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • Reinforce public health measures with staff and students including masking, physical distancing, and symptom screening.
  • Post outbreak signage at entrances and affected area(s).
  • Inform outside agencies that use the school of the outbreak.
  • Further restrict visitors to the school.
  • Limit student activities to their required cohorts.

There are currently 31 cases of COVID-19 within the LDSB.

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