Correctional Service of Canada National Training Academy relocating to Kingston

As MP Mark Gerretsen officially opened the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) interim National Training Academy here in Kingston, he also made an announcement which is sure to bring more employment opportunities to the city, as well.

“I am extremely pleased to be here today to officially open CSC’s interim Training Academy and announce that there are plans underway for the construction of CSC’s new National Training Academy right here in the City of Kingston,” Gerretsen said.

“By building a brand new Training Academy, CSC will create a space designed to fully meet the correctional training program requirements in one centralized location.”

Gerretsen spoke on Friday, Jun. 29, 2018 to those gathered for the official opening of the interim Training Academy, which took place at the facility, located at the same site as CSC Ontario Regional Headquarters on Union Street West.

The new facility will include modern simulation in classroom space, weapons training facilities, and fitness and physical training spaces, Gerretsen said. It will also create jobs and deliver a “significant boost to the local economy,” he said.

“I think we can all agree that building this facility here makes sense: not only will recruits have the access to the various institutions in the region for learning, they will also have job opportunities at the completion and once they have graduated,” Gerretsen said, adding that this announcement is great news not only for Kingston, but for CSC and their multiple employees here that will also be able to receive training at the new facility.

“It is an absolute honour for me to be able to be here with you today. As someone who was born and raised in Kingston, I think that people that are in Kingston have a unique appreciation for CSC and for Corrections.”

Mayor Bryan Patterson echoed Gerretsen’s sentiments, underlining the strong connection Kingston has to Correctional Services.

“The opening of a new Training Academy here in Kingston, it means new jobs in Kingston, investment here in our community, but I think, most of all, it means building on the partnership and the relationship that we have between Correctional Services Canada and the City of Kingston. And that relationship does run very deep,” Patterson said.

“On behalf of the City and on behalf of City Council, I want to say thank you for what has been a very long and fruitful partnership, and I really do look forward to building on that, seeing that grow. I look forward to the ground breaking, and being able to welcome all new Correctional Services recruits to Kingston so that they can begin their careers here.”

There are currently about 128 recruits at the interim Training Academy, and CSC hopes to have the new facility completed within the next five years, said Nick Fabiano, assistant commissioner of CSC.

“The interim academy will allow training to continue seamlessly and to ensure that our recruits are well prepared for their future careers,” Fabiano said of how the newly upgraded interim facility will operate until the new facility is built.

“This interim academy will allow for our intensive classroom training to be coupled with the modern simulation and firearms training that we need to ensure that our officers are well trained for their future careers.”

The CSC interim Training Academy moved to Kingston from Regina over the past year. Fabiano thanked the CSC and public service employees for all of their efforts in making that transition.

“I would like to thank everyone here in the Academy that has been involved in or has a role that is being played to help bring the interim Academy from Regina here to Kingston for our recruits,” he said.

“I know it has taken an enormous amount of effort and preparation and planning to ensure that the move to the interim academy here in Kingston is a smooth one. All of the hard work has paid off.”

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