One thought on “Controversial Kingston Police officer paid more in 2020 than 2019

  • The article in reference to Constable Brad Hughes, KPF and his comments was of concern to me. I do believe that it was an honest and well intended comment on today’s scociety. A critique that was perhaps not brought forward in the correct forum but never the less a valid comment by a citizen.

    A society where many of us fail to realize that we have engaged a police service to protect us the citizens by giving the Police the power to on occasion arrest a citizen when there is reasonable grounds that the said citizen has possibly committed an act that is contrary to the law.

    We as citizens are allowed and encouraged to voice our opinions but in a responsible manner in a proper forum. We, as citizens, are expected to act in responsible manner and allow our Police Services to carry out their duties.

    Rebeling against Police Officers trying to do their duties is not acting in the manner expected of a responsible citizen. If there is a need, the problem can and will be resolved in the courts, not on the streets in combat with Police Officer(s) trying to do their job.

    If both parties act responsibly and with due respect these problems might be resolved quickly and on site. Respect is a two way street, you have to show it to get it.

    R.D. Lamothe

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