Letter of thanks for ‘valiant efforts’ of Kingston’s Assessment Centre staff

Sterling Morey, 6, of Harrowsmith, South Frontenac, was all smiles as he snuggled up to his brand new teddy bear, gifted to him by Frontenac Paramedics, after a frightening experience at Kingston’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre. Sterling’s mother, Lindsey, says she is still in awe with the outstanding care demonstrated by all of those at the Assessment Centre, who turned Sterling’s experience into a more positive one. Submitted photos.

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Dear Kingstonist,

I wanted to send a quick letter about the COVID-19 test centre – a letter that is positive.

The staff there are doing such a huge job for our community, and I wanted to appreciate them even more for their valiant efforts with my son last week.

See, my son had to come into the testing centre as he was sick (vomiting at school), so I brought him. I found an appointment by doing the “hit the refresh button” eleventy-billion times to get one the same day. We showed up and when my son was sick in the registration room, we were met with compassion and care. When things escalated to my son turning lethargic, the paramedics, Doctor Gray, and staff members were there to help us and help us quickly.

I would argue we received better care than we would have at the hospital. Dr. Gray was constantly monitoring my son while she was checking on other patients, and the paramedics, well the one paramedic stayed with my boy, cracked jokes, and gave him a teddy bear for being brave. The rest of the staff checked in, bringing us whatever we needed while taking care of the rest of the patients of the day. They are truly remarkable people and deserve all the recognition.

I know that COVID is exhausting and that it is pretty difficult to navigate, but regardless of beliefs or opinions, I am sure we can all agree that the people who are at the testing centres are incredible people who should be appreciated regularly! They are keeping us going.

I really feel that with everything that has been going on, it is important to show that these people are really there for our community. I just want to highlight the good that they do that is beyond just a swab up the nose.

They care, they really do, and that is something that I feel gets lost with the ire surrounding this illness – these people are giving everything they have day to day to our community, and I feel that it is important to recognize that.

I have been seeing a lot of negativity around COVID and our area, things are way out of hand and, with all of that, these people are still just as caring and compassionate as they were at the beginning. I can’t help but admire the work they are doing, but especially on that Tuesday when it appeared that my son was in real trouble… It was terrifying to have my son go white as a sheet and collapse. I didn’t know what to do, but, like I said, the people in the Assessment Centre never left us. They stayed with us, and the rest of the staff constantly checked in.

My husband and I are just so appreciative and proud to live in a community like ours where people care for one another.

Those at the Assessment Centre showed that in volumes that day.

Lindsey Morey
Harrowsmith, South Frontenac

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