Community rallies to help Kingston family after sudden loss of patriarch

Marc Boucher with wife Amey Brooks and daughters, Scarlet and Avery. Submitted photo.

Two weeks ago, on August 11, like any other morning, Marc Boucher, 47, said “I love you” on the way out the door to his daughters and wife to leave for a hockey game — he’d been waiting to resume playing as protocols loosened during the pandemic. No one had imagined those would be his last goodbyes. Boucher passed away suddenly while playing hockey the same day. 

Boucher was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in 2009. Since then, he had always cared for his health to his best abilities and as per medical experts’ advice. He was very energetic and always loved outdoor activities and sports like hockey, hiking, and skiing. He was also doing very well health-wise on the day of his passing. He was playing hockey at the ice rink in Invista Centre when he suddenly fell and collapsed, his teammates who were there with him described. The teammates noticed a MedicAlert on Boucher’s neck, which had information about his heart condition. They quickly began CPR and brought in a defibrillator, doing their best to revive Boucher to his normal state. However, it didn’t help. 

The family was informed immediately of the incident. “I was hoping it isn’t the worst,” described Amey Brooks, Boucher’s wife, who was driving to see Boucher when she received the call about the situation. 

Boucher and Brooks have two daughters, 15-year-old Scarlet and eight-year-old Avery, who were very close to their father. Boucher always encouraged his daughters to learn and get the best education possible. He also wished for them to get a university degree before they embark on any career option they’ve chosen. He also promoted their involvement in all the outdoor activities, especially horse riding. The family made a beautiful life together on their hobby farm in Seeley’s Bay, where they have a vegetable garden and raise chickens, cats, a rabbit, and their golden retriever, Evie.  

After the sudden passing of Boucher, Brooks’s sister Melissa started a GoFundMe page to help the two kids pursue their and their father’s dream of post-secondary education. Due to Boucher’s congenital heart condition, he was not eligible for insurance to provide financial security for the family, so this fundraiser is in place to help the family after this untimely loss of their beloved by assisting them with education for the deceased’s children. 

Brooks is very thankful for all the community members, family, and friends who have stepped up during this hour of need to help the family. She also thanked the people at Invista Centre who were there when Boucher passed away and those who tried their best to help him at that time. 

“I always liked Kingston, and there is always a hope within this community where everyone, no matter if they know you or not, would come to help you,” said Brooks while sharing how she liked Kingston and her experience with generosity within this community. She also said that she receives hundreds of messages from people whom she doesn’t even know to ask her whether she needs any help during this time. 

Boucher and Brooks themselves were always quick to help those in need and were generous with their donations and charitable contributions in the community. 

Brooks also emphasized the importance of life insurance. “An amount of $80 to $100 seems a lot to pay every month [for a life insurance policy], but it is so important to have one if you face any incident where you need it,” she said. 

Scarlet and Avery have both expressed great interest in pursuing careers as Veterinarians. Boucher often joked with his daughters about the importance of getting a university degree, always responding to their statements about plans with, “but not until you…?” to which Scarlet would reply, “go to university.”  

So far, $13,845 has been raised, which has surpassed the goal of $10,000 noted on the GoFundMe page. 

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