Colonel Sonny Hatton assumes command of CFB Kingston

(Seated, L-R): Brig.-Gen. Stéphane Masson, Maj.-Gen. Peter Scott, and Col. Sonny Hatton at the Change of Command ceremony at CFB Kingston on Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2022. Photo by Steve McQuaid.

Military Change of Command ceremonies are historically significant and steeped in tradition. Today, Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2022, Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Kingston hosted an official Change of Command ceremony, welcoming in a new era of leadership at the local base.

Colonel (Col) Sonny Hatton, MSM, CD, assumed command of CFB Kingston from Brigadier-General (Brig.-Gen.) Stéphane Masson, OMM, MSM, CD, during the ceremony here in Kingston, which was presided by Major-General (Maj.-Gen.) Peter Scott, CD, 4th Canadian Division Commander.

Prior to taking this command, Col. Hatton has been training at the Israel National Defense College, an institution for training senior staff in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), as part of an exchange program to broaden his knowledge of inter-services integration and leadership in the senior staff environment, a press release from CFB Kingston stated.

Col. Hatton graduated from RMC in 1998 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Software Engineering. He holds a Master’s degree in Defence Engineering and Management from the Royal Military College (RMC) Kingston, and a Master’s degree in Military Arts and Science from the US Army School of Advanced Military Studies. Col. Hatton is currently the Chief of Staff at the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre and the Director of Artillery for the Canadian Army.

“As a member of the Canadian Armed Forces who has spent almost one-third of his 28-year career at CFB Kingston and in the greater Kingston area, I am honoured to command this unique and diverse base,” said Col. Hatton. “I look forward to working with all members of the Defence Team, the City of Kingston, and the local community as CFB Kingston continues to strive to be a bastion of diversity, inclusivity, and a valued part of the community. Only by working together can we provide the best possible support to our lodger units, our military and civilian personnel, and our military families.”

In July 2020, Brig.-Gen. Masson took command of CFB Kingston from Brig.-Gen. Kirk Gallinger, and his next posting is as the Commander 5th Canadian Division, according to the CFB Kingston press release.

Brig.-Gen. Masson started his career with the Canadian Forces as a reservist in 1991 with the 6ième Régiment d’artillerie de Campagne (6 RAC) in Quebec City, and in 2003 he joined the Regular Force. Brig.-Gen. Masson graduated from the Canadian Land Forces Command and Staff College, the Joint Command and Staff Program, and the National Security Program. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Quebec and a Master’s in Defence Studies, and he is currently completing a Master’s in Public Administration with RMC Kingston.

“Col. Hatton is bringing an invaluable level of experience and expertise to the team that the base will greatly benefit from,” said Brig.-Gen. Masson. “Col. Hatton has served a long career while demonstrating a constant commitment and dedication to his subordinates, which makes him more than deserving of this new role. I am incredibly proud of the accomplishments of CFB Kingston, and I look forward to seeing what is next for the base while under new command.”

As Commander of CFB Kingston, Col. Hatton will be responsible for ensuring the well-being of all Defence Team members based in Kingston and for maintaining a positive relationship with the city and key community leaders.

CFB Kingston is home to over 45 lodger units and employs approximately 9,000 military members, public servants, and contractors throughout the year. According to the release, CFB Kingston houses diverse lodger units such as the Canadian Defence Academy, the Royal Military College of Canada, 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, numerous other headquarters, Regular and Reserve units, and training institutions.

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