City’s first bike box being installed at Princess and Division Streets

A bike box, like the one above, is currently being put in place at the intersection of Princess and Division Streets. Image via City of Kingston.

Kingston drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians will all notice something new happening at one of the busiest intersections of downtown Kingston.

Beginning on the morning of Friday, Oct. 18, 2019, the City of Kingston began installing its first ‘bike box’ at the intersection of Princess and Division Streets. According to the City, a bike box is a green road marking that indicates the bike-designated area at a signalized intersection. The bike box allows cyclists to move ahead of vehicles into “a safe and visible location when traffic signals are red,” the City of Kingston said in a press release on Friday, Oct. 18, 2019.

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“Bike boxes are one type of cycling infrastructure the City is implementing to make it easier for residents to get around using active modes of transportation,” said Ian Semple, Director of Transportation Services for the City of Kingston. “Bike boxes make it easier and safer for a cyclist waiting at an intersection to make a left turn.”

The concept behind bike boxes is that they allow cyclists to be more visible to motorist, making drivers more aware of the presence of cyclists at intersections. Motorists cannot turn right on a red light at an intersection with a bike box, which prevents drivers from making right turns in front of cyclists that are approaching from behind.

Image via City of Kingston.

Vehicles are required to stop behind the green bike box, and, once the signal is green, the drivers will wait for the cyclists to proceed through the intersection. If the signal is green when approaching an intersection with a bike box, it is to be treated as a normal intersection, and all traffic proceeds as usual.

The bike box at Princess and Division Streets was originally scheduled to be installed this summer, however, City engineers identified needed asphalt repairs in the area. Those repairs have now been completed. The installation of the bike box will take place over three days, and is expected to be complete by Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019, weather permitting.

For more information on the City of Kingston’s cycling infrastructure, click here.

To learn more about a bike box and how it is to be used, please watch the video below from the City of Kingston.



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