City to clean up shoreline styrofoam from Third Crossing construction

Styrofoam bits line the shore of the Cataraqui River. Photo from Twitter user @markofantares.

Residents along the Cataraqui River in Kingston have noticed an unwanted result to the construction of the Third Crossing. Tiny bits of styrofoam have been washing ashore from the construction of the new bridge.

“So, umm, this is nice. Right next to the bridge. It’s Styrofoam,” Twitter user, @Markofantares wrote with a photo depicting the scene along the shoreline.

A Facebook user, Kevin Collins, posted a similar photo with a muskrat among the styrofoam bits along the shoreline.

“There will be clean up that will have to be completed to make this an even better success,” Collins wrote. “My previous interaction with the team (City and bridge builder) has been positive.”

“Very confident that all concerns will be acted upon and resolved,” Collins added.

According to the City’s Third Crossing website, the bits of styrofoam come from a floating turbidity curtain that helps with the work on the bridge.

They say that over the winter, muskrats would chew on the styrofoam blocks, releasing the bits into the water and eventually making their way to shore.

“The ice-on conditions of this past winter hindered our maintenance activities between December to ice-off in late March,” the City explained on its Third Crossing Website. “Since the ice has thawed the Project Team has initiated clean up efforts in the river and on the shoreland.”

Nevertheless, the result is not a pleasant one for the shoreline and those who frequent it.

The City says it has taken a three-phased approach to cleaning up the debris.

“Phase 3 is in action and is focused on recovery of debris, including skimming the waterway with nets, skimmers and shoreland clean-up with rakes, scrapers and other necessary equipment,” the city said in a statement to Kingstonist.

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