City Outlines Plan to Tackle Extensive Winter Damage to Roads

Work to address the extensive winter damage to Kingston’s urban roads will begin on May 26 and will cost an estimated $3.3 million in total.

“We told Kingston motorists and cyclists that we would be offering a longer-term fix to address this winter’s road damage and that’s what we are doing,” says Jim Keech, President and C.E.O. of Utilities Kingston. While $300,000 for the rehabilitation work will come from Public Works’ operating budget, the additional $3 million required will be drawn from the Municipal Capital Reserve Fund.

Keech notes that cold-patch used to fill cracks and potholes over the spring was always viewed as a temporary fix until the weather warmed up enough for asphalt work to begin. The winter road repairs being made this summer are expected to last three to five years.

To assess the winter damage, City staff drove all Kingston’s roads and mapped needed repairs on dozens of streets. Significant road deterioration was noted in Kingston’s the west-end, in the central area (including along Queen Mary Road), and along Highway 2 East between the La Salle Causeway and Highway 15.

The more substantial repairs will be completed by a number of contractors and is scheduled during off peak hours where possible (weather-permitting). In some cases, the repairs will involve grinding and paving an entire lane surface. Public Works staff will continue to work on potholes and more permanent minor repairs.

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The City of Kingston

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