City of Kingston recognized for ‘ambitious climate action’

The City of Kingston was recognized with the Mitigation, Compliant, and Adaptation Badges from the GCoM. Graphics via City of Kingston.

The City of Kingston has received three new badges from Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM), which recognizes cities worldwide for their exemplary efforts in addressing climate change. These badges recognize ambitious climate action leadership in the areas of mitigation, adaptation, and compliance, according to the City.

“These badges represent the highest level of recognition for cities making significant progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing climate resilience,” Mayor Bryan Paterson said in a statement. “I’m always inspired when the City is recognized for our efforts in advancing climate action, both across the corporation and in our community.”

The City became a member of the GCoM in 2019 and received its first badge, the Commitment Badge, at that time, the City of Kingston shared in response to Kingstonist inquiries. The three new badges, announced on Thursday, Apr. 27, 2023, are the first badges received through the global reporting framework.

According to a release from the City, badges are awarded following rigorous reporting that tracks the progress of climate action initiatives, from inventory and assessments, to goal setting and planning. Each badge recognizes individual achievements and showcases efforts to the global community.

The Mitigation and Adaptation badges are awarded as soon as a city completes and reports on a specific stage, according to the requirements of the GCoM. Learn more about the badge system and its intermediate steps in the GCoM Common Reporting Framework.

“With the impacts of climate change already affecting the Kingston community, we must act quickly to mitigate and adapt to climate change. The GCoM badges place Kingston within a larger global response and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to advancing climate action and resilience in Kingston,” Paterson continued.

In addition to the Mitigation and Adaptation badges earned this year, the City also received the Compliance Badge. This achievement is awarded to cities that have accomplished all steps under the three pillars of mitigation, adaptation, and access to energy, according to the release.

“The Climate Leadership Plan is an action-filled document created to respond to the climate emergency. It combines ambitious adaptation and mitigation targets with a goal of carbon neutrality by 2040. I’m proud to see our efforts advancing climate action reflected through the GCoM badges, and I’m looking forward to earning the next level of achievement,” stated Julie Salter-Keane, Manager of Climate Leadership at the City.

The GCoM is a worldwide coalition of cities and local governments committed to taking action on climate change and promoting sustainable energy use. It was launched in 2016 and has since grown to include over 10,000 cities and local governments from around the world, according to the organization. Mayor Paterson was confirmed as a member of GCoM in March 2019.

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