City of Kingston increases bag tag allowance

The City of Kingston is increasing the number of garbage bags allowed per household from one to four per week without requiring bag tags. This increased limit is effective immediately and will be in place until April 5th. The City says they will reassess the policy at that time.

“This measure is being put into place to help individuals and families who are self-isolating to dispose of their garbage safely,” the City said in a press release.

The City urges residents to continue to comply with the one bag limit, if possible, and only put out up to four bags if absolutely necessary.

8 thoughts on “City of Kingston increases bag tag allowance

  • consider the title of this article please…..its not bag tag allowance…its garbage bag allowance

    Supervisor Solid waste Disposal

    • Today is April 9 2020 are we still allowed 4 bages to put out?

  • I don’t understand why self-isolation means you’d suddenly produce four times more garbage. I live in a 2-3 person household and we never fill a whole bag. There are weeks where we don’t even put out the bin for collection because there’s barely anything in there.

    What the hell are you normies buying that generates so much garbage?

  • This is needed considering there’s so many people at home full time right now,of course you’ll produce more garbage,
    Thank you kingston,nice gesture

  • The city should reconsider all the water there shutting off on people .washing hands seems to be a very important step in fighting this virus and that’s impossible without water I find it very disturbing that because legally they can’t cut your electricity they found cutting water a legal loop hole .shame on you city of Kingston

  • Today is Easter Monday… is this still in place? We have an increased amount since we are all home – not sure what kind of a household ‘’’jf’’’ is living in??? Lol

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